What's Wrong with the Cramp-like Pain in the Head of the Penis?

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Many men have experienced pain in the head of the penis, like a cramp, in their daily lives or during sex, which has a severe impact on their normal lives.

Why does the glans experience cramp-like pain? This may be related to physiological and physical disease factors in men.


Physiological Factor:

1. Excessive Sexual Life: If men have sex too often or masturbate too strenuously, it may cause local irritation, which may lead to the above symptoms. It is recommended to avoid frequent sexual intercourse and masturbation and pay attention to rest to relieve the symptoms.

2. Trauma Factors: If an individual suffers an injury to the penis and glans due to an external injury, it may lead to persistent pain in the penis and glans. It is recommended to go to the hospital in time for treatment because if the treatment is not timely, organic impotence and premature ejaculation may also occur.

3. Allergic Factors: If a man is in the process of sexual intercourse symptoms of glans pain, then it is necessary to pay attention to the existence of a personal allergic reaction problem. When using condoms, men should notice whether the material contains substances that can cause their allergies. If they ignore it and buy and use condoms that contain substances that cause allergies in their body, they may experience glans pain.

Pathologic Factors:

1. Balanitis: This is generally an inflammatory reaction caused by factors such as infection or trauma. Under the continuous stimulation of inflammatory factors, the men's head of the penis will produce pain and will be accompanied by redness, swelling, and other symptoms. Clotrimazole cream, imiquimod cream, and other medications can be used as prescribed by the doctor.

2. Urethritis: It is usually caused by unclean sex and other reasons. Due to the presence of pathogenic bacterial infection, it will lead to abnormal urination, such as painful urination, urinary urgency, etc., accompanied by numbness of the glans. Urethritis usually requires oral antibiotics, and empirical therapeutic drugs should be chosen, or sensitive drugs can be used according to the results of urethral secretion culture of pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, due to the complexity of the pathogenic microorganisms of urethritis, bacteria, mycoplasma, or chlamydia may be present, as well as specific infections, such as gonococcus. Therefore, in addition to taking specific antibiotics, oral proprietary medicines are also needed to supplement the treatment.

3. Prostatitis: Part of prostatitis is due to bacterial infection caused by inflammatory diseases, and prostate fluid needs to be discharged through the urethra; then, the pathogenic bacteria within the prostate fluid may cause urethritis and balanitis. Secondary bacterial infection occurs, and the relevant mucosa will appear with inflammatory edema, ulceration, and other manifestations, so the symptoms of sore glans. In addition, patients with prostatitis often have discomfort symptoms of pain in the pubic symphysis region, and some may also have radiating pain in the glans.

The key to prostatitis treatment is to choose sensitive antibiotics and active anti-inflammatory treatment. If the sore glans are obvious, the patient can be given painkillers to relieve the pain. When prostatitis is completely cured, the symptoms of glans pain will gradually improve. In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill adopts a variety of herbal formulas that can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses that cause this disease and have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and pain-relieving effects. Therefore, it is very effective in treating prostatitis.

If you have a sore glans, don't think you can hold it, and it will go away. For this pain symptom, you must first distinguish the problem before this, but also avoid sexual intercourse so as not to aggravate the condition or cause mutual transmission of germs and so on. Once the symptoms occur, do not blindly self-medicate; you must go to the regular hospital for professional treatment to avoid the disease-causing more harm.

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