Why Does Epididymitis Cause Abdominal Pain?

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Epididymitis is a non-specific infection of the male reproductive system, which can be categorized into acute and chronic epididymitis. Clinical manifestations are discomfort and localized pain in the scrotum on the affected side, which even affects one's movements, and the pain may radiate to the inguinal area and lower abdomen on the same side, accompanied by generalized discomfort or high fever.


So why does epididymitis often cause pain in the lower abdomen?

1. Inflammation Stimulation

Epididymitis is an acute epididymis infection that causes significant swelling and pain in the epididymis. Inflammation of the epididymis can also involve the spermatic cord, causing it to become overly nervous, which can involve the lower abdomen and even the lower back. The nerves in the testicular epididymis are very widely distributed, and it is related to the nerves in the lower abdomen and lower back so inflammatory irritation can cause pain in the lower abdomen. This kind of pain is mainly a throbbing pain. It is aggravated when walking and is relatively less severe when lying down and resting.

2. Cystitis

If the patient suffers from epididymitis along with cystitis, it may cause the bladder to be in a state of spasm, which may cause the symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen.

3. Prostatitis

If the patient suffers from epididymitis along with prostatitis, it may cause the prostate gland to be in a state of congestion, thus causing symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen.

How to treat abdominal pain due to epididymitis?

Epididymitis is clinically divided into acute and chronic, and these two periods will cause abdominal pain. The specific use of what treatment needs to understand the disease belongs to which period to target treatment.

Treatment of acute epididymitis

General treatment

Applying scrotal support or a homemade cushion to support the scrotum can reduce the symptoms. Painkillers can be used for severe pain, and localized heat therapy can relieve symptoms and promote inflammation to subside. However, premature use of heat therapy can aggravate pain and risk spreading infection. Therefore, it is advisable to use ice packs to apply local cold compresses early. Sex and physical labor can exacerbate the infection and should be avoided.

Antibacterial drugs

Drugs sensitive to bacteria should be selected and usually given intravenously for 1-2 weeks, followed by oral antimicrobials for 2-4 weeks to prevent conversion to chronic inflammation.

Surgical treatment

If antibiotic therapy is ineffective and testicular ischemia is suspected, the epididymis should be decompressed by incision of the epididymis and multiple incisions of the epididymal visceral sheath longitudinally or transversely, but avoiding injury to the epididymal duct.

Treatment of chronic epididymitis

The effect of chronic epididymitis by simply applying drugs is not necessarily ideal. In addition to the application of effective broad-spectrum antibiotics, localized hot compresses, and other physical therapy is also necessary. You can also apply berberine or neomycin plasma permeation to the epididymis. If there is chronic prostatitis, it must be treated at the same time.

Patients may consider ligation of the vas deferens and treatment for recurrent epididymitis from chronic prostatitis. Epididymectomy may also be considered for multiple recurrent episodes.

Whether the pain in the lower abdomen is caused by chronic epididymitis or acute epididymitis, the only way to eliminate the pain in the lower abdomen is to avoid recurrent episodes of epididymitis, so you should do it:

First of all, sex life should not be too frequent. Moderate sex life has its benefits, but if it is not moderated, it will congest the reproductive organs for a long time, easily leading to various male reproductive diseases, especially epididymitis.

Secondly, unclean sexual intercourse must be prohibited. Patients need to insist on using condoms, learn general knowledge of sexual physiology, develop good habits, and pay attention to the hygiene of sexual organs.

Finally, if you have epididymitis, you need to avoid overeating greasy food, and you can't consume tobacco, alcohol, spicy and irritating food.

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