Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to Cure Orchitis

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Generally speaking, the patients of orchitis to seek for traditional Chinese medicine are mostly patients of chronic and nonspecific orchitis and mumps survivors having the sequela of orchitis. It should be mentioned that the traditional Chinese medicine of Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure acute orchitis.

Chronic and nonspecific orchitis is called chronic orchitis, most of which caused by acute orchitis that hasn’t been cured thoroughly, maybe it is infected by germs or parasites.
The symptoms of chronic orchitis are unobvious, just presenting swelling , hardening and analosis of testis, the basilar membrane of seminiferous tubule shows hyaline change and retrogression through examination, and spermatogenic epithelial cells die away. And the surrounding of seminiferous tubule may be hardening, or forming the little hyperplasia.
The Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, clearing heat and detoxication and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, can cure chronic orchitis. Because of the effect of clearing heat, it can kill all kinds of germs leading to orchitis, and remove the root of disease. And due to the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it can resolve hard lumps, resist hardening and fibrosis, remit the pain, and eliminate the symptoms of orchitis.
The orchitis caused by mumps is called acute orchits, which can be cured as the mumps is cured. However, the sequelae is usually stayed after its cure, it is orchiatrophy and weakening of testis. When it happens, the seminiferous tubule shrinks seriously, but because the interstitial cells are preserved, the secretion of testis isn’t interfered.
Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure orchiatrophy caused by treating mumps. As longs as the histocyte hasn’t died away, it can activate the blood circulation of the topical organization through the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and make the organization normal.
SoDiruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill of traditional Chinese medicine has perfect effect to cure orchitis.