Is traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill effective on treating orchitis?

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Early symptoms of orchitis:

1. In early stage, the scrotal skin takes on redness, scrotum tunica vaginalis appear effusion. 
2. When testes pressed, patients can feel pain and some waving effusion. 
3. Children can also suffer from viral orchitis. If a child has acute mumps, he would have orchitis as well. Testicular pain is usually a symptom of viral orchitis.
4. Body fever phenomenon. 
5. Pain can also occurs in scrotum, thighs bottom, groin.   
How is orchitis diagnosed?
1. The amount of leukocyte increases in acute stage.
2.When its complications, epididymitis and prostatitis occur, hematospermia is a typical symptom.
3. Some patients have urethral discharge, which can be used for smears and bacteriological examination.
4. White blood cells or pus can be found in routine urianlysis. 
Diagnosis: In clinical, orchitis should be distinguished with acute epididymitis. In early stage, inflamed epididymis is normal. While for epididymitis patients, there is no secretion in urethra, and there is no systemic infectious diseases caused by pyuria organization.    
Can orchitis be cured if it left untreated?
To be general, orchitis patients are not able to recover if they leave the disease to itself. Dr.Lee indicates that orchtitis is a disease that greatly affect men's health. Therefore if you are diagnosed with this disease, please attach an importance to the doctor's advice. If it left untreated, otherwise it will cause serious problems.
1. Loss of sexual function: orchitits can lead to sexual dysfunction in men and gradually cause 
2. Cause other disease: in fact, orchitis can cause diseases that threaten men's lives, such as varicocele, static cord inflammation, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, malignant tumors, etc. 
3. Affect sperm and kidney. Uncured orchitis may develop to chronic orchitis, step by step, the quality of sperm decreases and kidney function runs worse. As a result, patients' limbs are cold, back pain aggravates, accelerated aging happens.  
4. Loss of fertility. Orchitis can easily cause dead sperm, azoospermia, and then infertility. In addition, the inflamed bacteria can also be transmitted to patients' mates and brings about gynecological diseases
Is traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill effective in treating orchitis?
According to statistics, patients who receive traditional Chinese medicine treatment are almost chronic nonspecific orchitis patients. However, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can also be used to treat acute orchitis.Chronic nonspecific orchitis is chronic orchitis, which is usually transformed by uncured acute orchitis or parasitization. 
Chronic orchitis is a disease with not much apparent symptoms. Both swelling testes or scleroatrophic testes are manifestations of it. Besides, seminiferous tubule basement membrane is hyalinization or degeneration; seminiferous epithelium cell disappears.    
To treat chronic orchitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is available. As Dr.Lee introduces, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can clear away heat and toxic material and promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis. Respectively, clearing away heat and toxic material means this pill can kill all kinds of pathogens that raise orchitis; promoting blood circulation stands for antiscirrhous, soften hard lumps and dispel nodes, relieve pain and remove symptoms. 
Orchitis that is caused by parotitis is actually acute orchitis, which can be cured along with the recovery of parotitis. However, testicular atrophy, severe atrophy of the seminiferous tubules, these sequelae are common. Fortunately, leydig's cells are reserved, which means testosterone secretion can not be effected. 
If there is no necrosis of histiocyte, orchitis caused by parotitis can be treated by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can improve sanguiferous ability in local tissues and make these tissue run normally. In a word, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can successfully cure orchitis.
Matters need attention for orchitis patients
1. Do not have food that is too cold, spicy, fired. Diet with saturated fat and cholesterol is not allowed. Fruit and vegetables are helpful to health. Plus, vitamin C can improve resistance.
2. Do not drink alcohol. 
3. Avoid cold, limit intercourse, do not hold back urine.
4. Keep up a good state of mind. Appropriate sports, such as jogging, yoga and tai chi are beneficial to prevent colds and build up health.