Epididymitis can lead to mens infertility

Date:2018-12-05 click:0

Epididymitis, as a common male disease, can lead to infertility if it cannot be cured timely or properly. Here are the four reasons why epididymitis can cause infertility:

Affect survival rate of sperm
Sperm is produced by testicles and then it is going to enter epididymis and grow, so the sperm quality can be affected if epididymis is infected. Epididymitis can lead redness and pain to scrotum which is used to adjust the temperature of testicles. So if epididymis is infected, the function of scrotum can be affected too and sperm cannot live in a proper environment.
Blocked epididymis tube
Epididymis connects with Epididymis tube, so the infection can spread to Epididymis tube and make it blocked which means sperm cannot be transmitted if it blocked.
Testicular infarction
Infertility can be caused if both sides have Testicular infarction. Epididymis causes lots of tissues hurt, swelling, pain and damaged testicles. However, the testicles are the factory of sperm, so if both sides of testicles are damaged, infertility is the only consequence.
Anti-sperm antibody 
Around 1/3 epididymitis patients has anti-sperm antibody which is one of the reasons of infertility.
Infertility also might be caused by one more reasons, and commonly is the consequence of improper treatment. So men should take timely treatment. The herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has no side-effect and no drug resistance can cure epididymitis and its complication – infertility with three months.