What risks of orchitis men should mind?

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Testicle which is used to reproduce and make the sexual ability is very important for men. However, orchitis, a stubborn disease happens on testicles, already is a common disease for men. Its morbidity of is around 12% -18%. This disease can be caused by many reasons such as infection, injures, tumor, etc. now, you can find this disease everywhere.

Generally speaking, the most common cause of orchitis is bacterial and viral infection, so if left untreated, permanent damages can be done. Here are those permanent damages that men have to pay attention to:
First, lose reproductive ability
Infection can affect the quality of sperm and lead to necrospermia and azoospermia. What's more, the infection also can be transmitted to sexual partners and lead to female diseases if without condom.
Second, lose sexual ability
Orchitis also can make men lose his sexual ability, because they can experience pain when having sex, so sexual intercourse hard to be complited. Therefore, men have to protect their testicles.
Third, premature senility
If men don't cure this disease timely, he can experience chills, pain on back and waist, lack of energy and even premature senility.
Fourth, serious complications
Lots of serious complications also can be caused by this disease such as prostatitis, kidneys diseases, tumor, urinary tract infection, varicocele, and even endocrine disease.
All in all, as one of important organ for men, this organ should be protected carefully. If you already have had orchitis, please take herbal medication named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This pill can cure Orchitis totally within three months, because this pill has no side-effect and drug resistance. What's more, this pill also has one guiding drug which can enhance curative effect and self-healing ability, so this pill is the best pill in treating orchitis.