Self-Diagnosis of Epididymitis

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Epididymitis is an inflammation of epididymis. It can be classified into two types: chronic epididymitis and acute epididymitis. The inflammation can influence the maturity of sperm and decrease the function of fertilization; it can also cause the epididymal duct blockage, thus, it will affect the discharge of sperm. These factors can lead to infertility in men. In order to avoid the heavy damage, men need to know the self-diagnosis of epididymitis. Here are the steps that men can try to diagnose the disease themselves.
Early symptoms
1.The infected testicle will be swelling or redness. Some men may feel uncomfortable when sitting because of the swelling testicle. The inflammation will cause the area increased blood flow so that the testicle will appear red. The swelling is caused by the accumulation of fluid. 
2.The testicle will be painful. It’s the most common symptoms of epididymitis. The pain in one testicle will spread to both testicles. It may be a sharp or burning pain. 
3.When urinating, men will notice a series of urinary disorders, such as painful and burning urination, need to urinate more than usual, blood in urine. The infection in urethra can move up to tube, then spread to epididymis.
Late symptoms 
1.There will be urethral discharge at the tip of your penis. Commonly, it’s clear, white or yellowish. It’s a sign that the infection is caused by a STI.  
2.Temperature is a standard to check whether you are infected by epididymitis. If you get epididymitis, fever will appear in your body as a defense mechanism.
Once you noticed the symptoms above, you need to go to see a doctor immediately. Here are the options of treatment for epididymitis. 
1.Antibiotics treatment.
As most of the inflammation is caused by bacteria, men with epididymitis can take antibiotics to cure this disease. It can be efficient and quick to kill the bacteria so that the inflammation can be eliminated. 
2.Anti-inflammatory Pill.
Pain is a common sign of epididymitis, it’s necessary to take measures to relieve the pain, so anti-inflammatory pill is a great choice for easing the pain caused by the infection. Male patients can take this pill along with antibiotics.

3.Herbal medicine.
Men with chronic epididymitis need a long treatment until it’s cured completely. However, antibiotics will come out drug resistance and tolerance, and even do harm to the liver and kidneys if taken for a long time. Under this situation, it’s will be better to choose herbal medicine to fight against the disease. Because of its herbal formula, it has no side effects so patients can take a continuous treatment. It has been proven that herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has good curative effect on curing epididymitis. The herbs in the pill have the function of clearing away heat and toxins so that the bacteria can be killed efficiently. The pill can also promote the circulation of blood to release the pain caused by the inflammation, and induce diuresis and relieve stranguria so that the urinary problems can be solved. 
Though the pressure of life and work is becoming heavier and heavier, men should still pay more attention to the health of themselves, especially the signs that they will easily ignore. Since epididymitis can affect the male fertility, it’s very important to know the self-diagnosis of this disease and get a proper treatment if necessary.

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