If You Know More About Epididymis Cyst, The Ratio Of Getting This Disease Will Be Lower

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Epididymis cyst has a high recurrent rate among young men, it can also be called seminal cyst. It usually occurs on the top of epididymis and there will be an enlarged lump. The causes of this disease is not clear at present, it’s likely that the inflammation makes the local adhesion and lead to the obstruction of epididymis tube.  In fact, a small epididymis cyst has few influences to the body, but if it’s big and accompanied by other complicationd, patients should attach more importance.   

Symptoms of epididymis cyst 
Patients in the acute phase have sudden high fever, increasing number of leukocyte, the infected epididymis is swelling and enlarged. And there will also have a feeling of sinking and tenderness.  Patients in the chronic phase have lower abdominal pain and spread to the groin. Sometimes it can occur secondary hydrocele of tunica vaginalis. 
Treatments of epididymis cyst 
1.Antibiotic is the most common treatment to cure epididymis cyst. There are three measures on the application of antibiotics. One is cyst puncture injection of anhydrous alcohol or tetracycline solution, it can help to shrink the cyst. The second one is oral antibiotics. This method is suitable for patients with small cyst and mild symptoms. For patients with amalgamative infection like hematospermia can oral antibiotics and hemostatic to cure this disease.  
2.Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years, its natural formula has got the favor of many people. This herbal treatment can be mainly used for the patients who have small cyst and worried about the big side effects and heavy pain during the treatment of western medicine. It’s also a great treatment at present.   In traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it usually starts from the pathology of the disease. The medicine that have the functions of promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, resolving the hard lumps is mainly used to cure the disease. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a typical  traditional Chinese medicine. The herbs in the pill have many helpful properties, such as peach kernel, safflower, red paeony root, and Chinese angelica can promote the blood and eliminate the lumps while H. cordata and semen plantaginis can clear away heat and toxins, eliminate the inflammation. Therefore, it can not only eliminate the symptoms, but can also cure the epididymis cyst from its root. This medicine can take effect within one to four courses of the treatment if patients take the prescribed medication.  
3.The surgical treatment is mainly used for patients with big epididymis cyst, such as it reaches to 5 centimeters or patients have many small cysts. At present, surgical treatment is mainly on the removal of cyst. Although is a small surgery, it still has trauma. So, the principle of treating epididymis cyst is generally to take conservative treatment and not to take a surgery as far as possible. For patients have got surgical treatment can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a adjuvant therapy. The curative effect will be better.  
Daily care of epididymis cyst
1.Stay away from spicy food, smoking and drinking alcohol. It can avoid the source of endogenous damp and heat and it’s beneficial to relieve the symptoms. Otherwise, the condition will be aggravated. In addition, it’s said that men eat more “white meat” like fish and chicken, and eat less “red meat”like beef and pork can be helpful to prevent epididymis cysts.  
2.Developing a good living habit. Don’t hold the urine and keep a normal bowel movement. Patients should keep a regular diet and do not be crapulent. It’s also advantageous to keep in good mood, learn to release the pressure, and take moderate exercise.  
3.Pay attention to the frequency of sexual life. The excessive sexual intercourse can lead to the long-term congestion of sexual organs, thus, it can increase the load of epididymis and cause bad effects. 
4. Hot compress can promote the blood circulation of epididymis and quicken the eliminating of inflammation. So patients can take this method to help relieve the symptoms. Cooperate with scrotal when necessary.