Knead Away the Discomfort: Exploring the Potential of Massage Therapy in Alleviating Epididymis Pain

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Epididymal pain is one of the common reproductive system symptoms in men, with varying degrees. It can have adverse effects on the reproductive system and overall health. Many patients choose massage to alleviate their pain. 


Can massage alleviate epididymal pain?

A massage is a form of external treatment in which force is delivered to the superficial or deep tissues of the human body by pushing, kneading, and pressing to treat diseases and promote overall health. Massage can alleviate epididymal pain to certain degrees, which is shown in the following specifically:

1. Improvement of tissue blood circulation

Pain has a close connection with the microcirculation of epididymis pain. Massage can promote tissue blood circulation, increase local heat dissipation and metabolism, and alleviate swelling and pain symptoms.

2. Relief of muscle spasms

Epididymal pain is often related to muscle spasms in the surrounding areas. Massage can help relax epididymal muscles, thus reducing the tension of subcutaneous and fascia tissues and alleviating pain.

3. Enhancement of the immune system

It is suggested in some studies that massage can stimulate the body's immune system and increase immune function, helping resist bacterial invasion and reproduction, which shows a better therapeutic effect on bacterial infections, such as epididymitis.

However, there are also some precautions to be taken for epididymal pain massage:

1. Find a professional masseuse. Although massage is a safe treatment method, it also requires an experienced masseuse to perform a long-term massage to achieve better therapeutic effects.

2. Avoid painful areas. In cases of severe pain accompanied by a fever, massage may cause greater stimulation and pain. Therefore, the painful area should be avoided when massage is carried out.

3. Do not have an excessive massage. Massage duration should be limited, and too many forces are prohibited. Otherwise, it may cause exacerbated pain and blood vessel rupture.

4. Patients with epididymal pain should not blindly carry out the massage. The specific causes should be identified, and the corresponding treatment plans should be chosen. During the recovery period, patients should reduce sexual activity, pay attention to local cleanliness, and avoid collisions.

Epididymal pain can be alleviated by massage. However, the therapeutic effects depend on massage techniques, duration, locations, and conditions. Patients should find a professional masseuse for treatment, and safety and comfort should be considered during the treatment process. However, massage cannot wholly cure epididymal pain. In cases of severe symptoms, patients should seek medical help for carrying out systematic treatment.

Epididymal pain can be caused by various factors, the most common being epididymitis and vas deferens stones. It also related to testicular torsion, vascular disease, tumor, or other factors. Treatments for pain should be chosen according to the causes, and common treatments include medication, surgery, and physical therapy. 

For epididymal pain caused by epididymitis, antibiotics can be taken to treat inflammatory infections. For chronic epididymitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used for treatment. It has strong bactericidal effect, and it can effectively eradicate the root of the disease, thus curing the disease fundamentally.

Moreover, physical therapy, such as local area hot compress, can significantly improve epididymitis pain. It can effectively alleviate epididymitis pain symptoms, assisted by acupuncture, moxibustion, and ion penetration.

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