Does Epididymitis Start from the Tail of the Epididymis?

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Many people are familiar with epididymitis because this disease belongs to a relatively high incidence of illness. Because of epididymitis, many male patients lead to marital life obstacles. If you know more about epididymitis, you can find it when the condition occurs and treat it promptly. 


Why does epididymitis begin more from the tail of the epididymis?


We have to start with the anatomy of the epididymis. The epididymis is composed of a tortuous tube structure. One end is connected with the vas deferens in the spermatic cord by the tail of the epididymis, and the other is connected with the epididymal head to the superior pole of the testis. 


From this, we know that in a retrograde urinary infection, bacteria can travel down the vas deferens in the spermatic canal to the cauda epididymis (commonly E. coli) caused by urine upstream into the ejaculatory canal). The caudal epididymis is the first station for bacteria to arrive, and the chance of infection is naturally high, which is the first reason the caudal epididymis is prone to inflammation. 


Then, if the bacteria want to penetrate the epididymis and even the head of the epididymis, it is not so easy. It must go through a "hairpin bend" close to 360 degrees and almost perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Unless every bacterium is a "racer," otherwise, on this steep "lane," many bacteria influx inevitably cause congestion. So bacteria mainly stop in the caudal epididymis. This is the second reason why the caudal epididymis is prone to inflammation. 


Third, the epididymis and the epididymis tube in the caudal epididymis, like the ureter, will spontaneously have rhythm contraction, promoting semen flow, with direction from the epididymis to the caudal epididymis, as from the top down slowly "let out a waterfall," further eliminate the idea of bacterial invasion, so the caudal epididymis became a scapegoat. This is the third reason why the caudal epididymis is prone to inflammation. 


The presence of the epididymis in the male reproductive system is not only an important place for sperm maturation. Also, to some extent, it is an important buffer for the protection of the testicles, and because of the epididymis, the chances of infection affecting the testicles are greatly reduced.


Let's learn more about the symptoms of epididymitis:


Epididymitis is a kind of cellulitis. When many patients have the disease, it is from the ejaculatory duct to the tail of the epididymis.


Epididymitis secondary to urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and so on. Usually, patients with epididymitis will have induration, which mainly occurs in the head or tail of the attached testis, mainly occurs in the tail, after epididymal infection, often left nodules in the tail or head.


Clinical epididymitis is divided into chronic epididymitis and acute epididymitis two categories. And chronic epididymitis is more common. Part of the epididymitis, due to acute epididymitis, is not completely cured and thus becomes chronic, but most patients do not have a clear acute phase. Chronic epididymitis is more common in chronic prostatitis or prostate injury.

For chronic epididymitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is available. Its diuretic, drenching, and blood-activating effects can eliminate pain and urinary tract discomfort symptoms in patients. Also, it can treat chronic prostatitis and other urinary and reproductive diseases.


Readers have more understanding of some of the common symptoms of epididymitis through the introduction of this article. The common symptoms of this disease are numerous. After suffering from epididymitis, patients must accept the correct treatment as soon as possible to avoid more serious harm.


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