Does Orchitis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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In the common male reproductive system diseases, orchitis accounts for a large proportion. In recent years, the incidence of orchitis is increasing year by year, which needs great attention of people. Orchitis is not only directly related to stress, but also a manifestation of decreased immunity. Orchitis is very harmful to the reproductive system, and it may even cause infertility. And it is easier to be cured at the early stage. Therefore, patients need to grasp the best treatment time.

Generally speaking, orchitis does not cause an erection, but when orchitis aggravates to a certain extent, it will affect testicular hormone synthesis. If the male hormone is too deficient, sexual desire will be greatly reduced, which may lead to a decline in erectile quality.
Orchitis itself has no significant effect on sexual function. However, when men are infected with orchitis, there will be obvious testicular pain during erection. And of pain will cause sexual neurosuppression, and may trigger erectile dysfunction to a certain extent. Orchitis usually causes discomfort, chills, high fever, pain, and other symptoms. In severe cases, septicemia may occur, and the general manifestations are aggravated, accompanied by nausea and vomiting and other gastrointestinal characteristics.
At the same time, when acute orchitis occurs, the local pain of testis is obvious, which will greatly affect the sexual desire of patients, and the phenomenon of spontaneous penile erection will also be reduced. In 1-2 months after cure, if we have sex reluctantly, with the changes of local nerves and blood vessels of penile erection, the intense contraction of sexual organs and scrotum during orgasm will lead to erectile or ejaculatory pain. After sexual intercourse, the acid swelling and dull pain of scrotum and testicle will last for a long time.

Therefore, patients with orchitis should practice sexual abstinence, and the specific principles are as follows:
1. In the progressive stage(within one month of onset), in order to strive for rapid control of the disease, reduce the degree of testicular damage, patients should prohibit sexual life and receive timely treatment,
General treatment of orchitis is antibiotics, analgesics, or surgical drainage methods, so patients also need to go to the hospital in time for a detailed examination to see which treatment option is better for their condition. Dr. Lee Xiaoping's patented herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has effects of Promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, killing bacteria and eliminating inflammation. Therefore, it can also play a stable and complete therapeutic effect on orchitis, which is also a good choice.

2. Two months after treatment, the swelling of scrotum and testicle did not completely subside after 1-2 months of treatment, and acidic swelling and discomfort sometimes appeared. Although the treatment had stopped at this stage, local hot compress and other methods were still needed to treat it. It was also not appropriate for patients to have sex.
Adjuvant therapy
1. A compress of the scrotum can alleviate pain and help testis detumescence.
2. In daily life, we should pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of perineum, such as changing underwear frequently, wearing loose and comfortable underwear with cotton material, and paying attention to the protection of scrotum and epididymis when sleeping. When sleeping, tight underwear will not only affect the blood flow, prevent metabolism, but also prevent the body from breathing.

On the one hand, naked sleep can avoid scrotum and epididymis from excessive friction, but also can avoid high scrotal temperature, which is conducive to testicular health. High quality sleep can promote metabolism, refresh people's spirit, enhance resistance, and better prevent viruses or bacteria from invading testicles and staying away from orchitis.