Things You Should Know About Epididymitis Causing Male Infertility

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By contrast with prostatitis, epididymitis is much stranger to male friends but the harm caused by it can not be ignored. Epididymitis is the leading cause of male infertility, which is very damaging to sperm. So how does it do it?
Epididymitis is an important cause of the formation of anti-sperm antibodies in men. When epididymis produces inflammation, the self-defense system of the body can act immediately, the immune cell such as leucocyte, lymphocyte and humoral immune materials enter inflamed epididymis inside, to produce an immune response to the pathogen, which is the formation of antibodies against the pathogen.

The antibodies also react with antigens on the surface of sperm. At the same time, the ability of immune cells to recognize the body's own tissues decreases significantly. Anti-sperm antibody is formed by immune reaction directly with antigens in sperm surface or seminal plasma.
Then, they get mixed up in the semen and hang on to the sperm, either surrounding the sperm or sticking to the surface of the sperm, making it impossible for the sperm to hide. As a result, the activity of sperm decreases significantly, or several, dozens of agglutination affect the forward movement of sperm.
Meanwhile, antibodies can also enter the bloodstream and have a wider range of adverse effects on the functioning of the reproductive organs. If the immune reaction caused by anti-sperm antibody acts on testicular tissue, it can cause special damage to testicular spermatogenesis function, resulting in abnormal spermatogenesis disorder azoospermia.
Epididymis secretion of various nutrients for sperm will be significantly reduced due to the epididymitis so that various capacities that spermatozoa should acquire in the epididymis are significantly reduced. The result is a significantly higher rate of immobile or dead sperm. Even motile sperm have reduced mobility to some extent, leading to asthenospermia, or dead sperm.
If the epididymitis is caused by neisseria gonorrhoeae, mycobacterium tuberculosis and other pathogens, it will not only cause inflammation and damage sperm, but also easily cause the narrowing or blockage of the epididymal lumen, resulting in incomplete or complete vasectomy near the epididymal end.

This is a kind of irreversible epididymitis sequelae, in which sperm are blocked in the epididymal duct and can not go out, only slowly trapped dead or at the mercy of slaughter, resulting in obstructive oligospermia or azoospermia, thus leading to male infertility.
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