How can Drivers Prevent from Prostatitis

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Driver is a relatively one of the career which have high incidence of prostatitis. The main reason is sedentary working environment. There is the phenomenon of holding back urine happen in long-distance drivers. Then how could drivers prevent from prostatitis? Now the taxi drivers as well as some private vehicle owners drive for a long time frequently. It is very easy to make the metabolite accumulate in human body. If there is a wet environment or weather, blood circulation get slow down, and result in prostate gland obstruction. Poor glandular fluid excretion would congest blood in the prostate gland and lead to prostatitis. Prostatitis result in symptoms like frequency of urinate, urgency of urinate, dysuria and so on. There exists a lack of drinking water for many drivers and they often holding back urine. That would be sort of stimulation for the urinary tract as well, so it worsen prostatitis symptoms.


Prostatitis mainly occur in the fall and winter, especially in alternation of fall and winter. People get infected and recur prostatitis in this time of a year, therefore this season should be a time to eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis. In summer, prostatitis occurs less, but is actually the best season to cure prostatitis radically. It is a pity that it does not known by the public. In the aspect of age, that the chronic prostatitis mainly occur in the middle-aged men, like 25 - 40 years old. There is a steady morbidity among people who have passed their 40s. For those who are younger than 25, the younger they are, the morbidity is lower. In the aspect of occupation, the drivers, especially the long-distance bus drivers have a high morbidity. This is because of their sedentary working environment, the lack of drinking water and holding back urine.

Experts suggest that drivers should open the windows to promote air circulation every 5 minutes, go on foot if possible, drink plenty of water, and often urination. Drivers should also change positions frequently when driving in summer, and put the bamboo cushionsheat in the seat. In addition, keep a regular daily life and do not stay up late.

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