Complications of Chronic Prostatitis

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The symptoms of chronic prostatitis are complicated, and prostate have closely related with the adjacent urinary organs , it may cause lots of complications:  

1.Chronic Vesiculitis 

This is one of the most common complications of chronic prostatitis. Seminal vesicle, have pipes connected to both sides of the prostate, so in the process of chronic diseases, the inflammation of prostate and of vesicle coexist together and interact each other. After a long time, it can lead to dysfunction and other symptoms of significantly.


Because of dampness gather in the pelvic cavity and stagnation of blood caused by long-term inflammation, patients suffer from diseases and their symptoms and have no confident on themselves in sex. This may cause dysfunction and impotence.


In the causes of infertility, chronic prostatitis is a main one. Because prostatic fluid is an important part of semen, once the inflammation occurs in the prostate, inflammatory exudate increased  because of the prostatitis and the reduction of zinc affect the quality of semen. Such as, poor semen liquefaction would lead to the decreasing of sperm motility and activity rate, and affect fertility. Of course this effect is not necessary. It depends on the quality and volume's change of the semen.

4.Posterior Urethritis 

Patients who have chronic prostatitis often have posterior urethritis at the same time, especially for those whose prostatitis are caused by urinary tract infection. In the clinical situation, urinary tract irritation often is the first symptom of chronic prostatitis, it is why prostatitis is often misdiagnosed as an ordinary urethritis by doctors.


Chronic prostatitis and epididymitis usually exist at the same time. Inflammation can invade epididymis, which leads to chronic epididymitis disease. Epididymis have the symptoms of pain, discomfort felling, and heavy feeling, and symptoms are especially obvious after sex.

6.Various Types of Cystitis

When the chronic inflammation of prostate spread to the bladder, urinary tract irritation can be very obvious. And this is due to various types of cystitis caused by prostatitis.


A considerable number of patients with chronic prostatitis have their unique personality and character tendencies, such as paranoia, hypochondriasis, overly sensitive, overly concerned about physical changes and the inner experience and so on. That result in a series of symptoms of neurasthenia, such as insomnia, multiple physical discomfort, weak legs, backache, mental weakness, dizziness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, fatigue and nocturnal emission and so on.

Questions about that whether prostatitis affect the kidney organ does not have absolute answers. The immediate influence to the kidney should be impossible. However, the prostate gland clings under the urinary bladder. If it is bacterial prostatitis, bacteria from the prostate gland would probably infect the urinary bladder. What is more, between urinary bladder and kidney is the ureter whici is very close to prostate gland too. Bacteria can very easy travel through the ureter to infect the ureter and than arrive at the kidney. If the resistivity is bad, there would be a kidney disease, for instance, nephritis, or uremia.

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