What Habits May Bring Prostatitis to You?

Date:2018-12-08 click:0

Prostatitis is the most common condition occur on prostate gland. Except for prostatitis, prostate calcification/stone, prostate cancer are common prostate conditions as well.

Bad habits may cause diseases. Like the develop of myopia, prostatitis can be "brought" by some daily habits too. Except for infections transmitted from sexual partners, some daily habits may also cause prostatitis.


So what habits can being it to you?


1 Sit for long.
The prostate gland is only 4-5 cm near the anus, and is in front of the rectum. It is very close to the perineum area. When a man is sitting, the perineum is oppressed. Thus the blood circulation of perineum area and the prostate gland is poor.


2 Always drink alcohol.
Alcohol can be very adverse for the prostate gland. Even for healthy men, daily having some wine may affect little. Any drink with alcohol is harmful to those who have prostate conditions.


3 Spicy food.
Spicy food can cause inflammation of gum, stomach, also can cause prostatitis.


4 Having too much sexual intercourses or masturbation.
When a man is having sex or when he is having an erection, prostate gland is congestive. Reduplicative congestion of the prostate gland can surely cause prostatitis.


No matter for those who have just get rid of prostatitis or those who is healthy, these matters should be taken notice of. For prostatitis patients, they should avoid them to get a better recovery.