How does TCM Cure Genital Conditions in Men?

Date:2018-12-08 click:0

In most cases, inflammation occur in male reproductive system is caused by infections. That why western doctors are used to use antibiotics to cure them. For acute infections, pathogens just invade your body for short, so antibiotics can completely kill them with a wink. For chronic infections, pathogens have already been breeding for long and spreaded locally. Pathogens lead to reproductive problems are always going to be resistant to antibiotics if you take them for long. This is why antibiotics are always not that effective as it is expected in curing chronic diseases.


Then how Diuretic and Anti-inflamamtory Pill cure male reproductive chronic diseases?


First, as a herbal remedy, it's impossible for pathogens to be resistant to it. Herbs can persistently kill the pathogens till they are completely eliminated.


Second, this herbal remedy isn't for killing pathogens only. It can also eliminate inflammation, kill pain, and subside swelling, in order to comprehensively solve problems caused by reproductive diseases.


Third, for the pathogens may spread to organs nearby, like prostatitis may cause seminal vesiculitis, the treatment shouldn't be aiming at the prostate only. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has guiding herbs which "order" other herbs to work in the whole reproductive system, so that the pathogens and symptoms can be all eliminated.


This is how Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill completely cure male reproductive diseases