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Why Do Liquor, Tobacco and Spicies Aggravate Prostatitis?

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It is suggested that prostatitis patients shouldn’t eat spicy food, because spicy food, liquor and tobacco will aggravate the disease. Why?


Generally, the doctors will instruct the patients of prostatitis to avoid liquor, tobacco and piquancy. The longtime and repeating congestion of prostate is one of the causes to chronic prostatitis. Meanwhile, infected prostatic tissue will congest widely no matter as to bacteral prostatitis or aseptic prostatitis. As a result, when we prevent or treat prostatitis, we should avoid the factors that will cause or aggravate congestion of prostate.


Liquor: liquor can dilate blood vessel. So you may often see someone' face is red after he drinks the liquor. The liquor can also cause congestion of internal organ, including prostate. The prostatitis is difficult to be cured if the patients can’t avoid Longtime drinking the liquor or even excessive drinking, if so, even if the disease is cured, it is easy to recur.


Tobacco: smoking is harmful to health. Nicotine, tar, nitrosamine, carbon monoxide and other toxic substance exist in tobacco, which can not only poison prostatic tissues directly, but also interrupt the nerve function governing blood vessels, influencing blood circulation of prostate and aggravating congestion of prostate.

Spicy food: for example, green Chinese onion, raw garlic, paprika, pepper and other spicy food will cause vessel dilating and organ congestion. Some patients of prostatitis have a habit of eating spicy food. They can control the habit when the symptom of prostatitis is serious, but they can’t do this when the symptom remits, which is the most important reason that the prostatitis is often recurrent and refractory.

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