What is inflammation of prostate?

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Prostate represented as a clutch, covering the initial division of the urethra. Located at the base of the prostate bladder between the pubic articulation and rectum. The prostate plays an important role in sexual function in men. The prostate produces a secret (the liquid white), which is released along with sperm during ejaculation. The prostate can be felt easily through the anus. 

Causes of prostatitis cause of prostatitis can be infection that gets into the body through the urethra infections, with blood from other foci of infection (sinusitis, pneumonia, purulent skin lesions), with the lymph from different inflamed organs (hemorrhoids). There are 2 types of Prostatitis: Acute and Chronic Acute prostatitis. 
Treatment of acute prostatitis Acute prostatitis occurs in the case of penetration of the gland infection.
Symptoms of acute prostatitis are the body temperature Hemorrhoids can also cause chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. Also, physicians distinguish among the factors that cause chronic prostatitis – alcohol abuse and smoking. 
Chronic prostatitis is characterized by alternating phases of exacerbation of disease and decay process. Often takes place secretly. Often, men complain of pain in the lumbosacral. Therefore, patients suffering from radiculitis, it is necessary bladder (reduced pressure stream of urine, frequent urination in the daytime and at night, suddenly emerging need to urinate), pain in the perineum, itching, burning, pain in the scrotum, the testicles. In chronic prostatitis may be a disorder of sexual function, decreased muscle tone, rapid ejaculation. 
Chronic prostatitis is a strictly individual basis. Assigned to start special diet, which excludes meats, pickles, spicy food, pickles, alcohol. Then you need to bring back to normal bowel function and to ensure that the chair was a daily. The important is to remove stagnation in the prostate, in this case to exclude sexual frustration (when sexual intercourse is not complete orgasm) and petting (evocation of orgasm without sexual intercourse). Also, as treatment may be appointed prostate massage. Diagnosis Among PROSTATITIS methods for diagnosis of prostatitis include the following: examination of the prostate through the anus, laboratory studies of prostate secretion and urine, and often resort to ultrasound. Timely access to a doctor to help eliminate disease in the fetus and help to prevent irreversible effects from the disease.