Prostate inflammation troubles men

Date:2018-12-07 click:0

Prostatitis is a urological condition marked by varying degrees of painful inflammation and infection of the prostate - that squishy walnut-shaped gland just below the bladder. It produces the fluid in semen and can trouble men as they age.

Experts say the disease is unrelated to prostate enlargement or prostate cancer. And while all three can coexist, one does not cause the other.
Prostatitis is usually diagnosed by a digital rectal examination, according to the American Urological Association Foundation.
The procedure not only determines whether the prostate is swollen and tender but serves as a barometer for pain and discomfort.
Other tests a doctor may consider using before making a diagnosis include a transrectal ultrasound, urine samples, prostatic fluid specimen, blood and/or semen samples.
Treating prostatitis will depend on the type of infection, from acute bacterial prostatitis - a severe urinary tract infection associated with fever, chills and lower back pain that requires a visit to the doctor or hospital -- to the slow-burning symptoms of chronic prostatitis, which is more common.