Several tips to take care of prostate

Date:2018-12-07 click:0

 Eat more tofu and bean products. It is reported that prostate cancer death rate is 5 times higher in America than it is in Japan. That is because Japanese people eat lots of low fatty foods and high fibre foods. Bean products are quite popular in Japan. Tofu, soybean milk can all prevent from prostate cancer.

Eat more tomatoes. Harvard Medical School have done a research on 4.7 million male volunteers, and found that men who eat most cooked tomatoes have the lowest risk for prostate cancer. 
Take regular tests for your prostate when you are in your 50s, suggests American cancer groups. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, then you should start at the age of 40.
Mind hormone supplements. High-dose hormone supplements are associated with BPH and tumors, which is seldom be noticed. If you are already suffering from prostate problems, you should better not to take them.
Take exercises in sunshine. This is to relax you. When pressure in live get released, the prostatitis symptoms can be released too. 
Eat some food rich in Zinc. Nuts, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are good for men's prostate.
Keep regular sexual intercourses. Regular sex can expel prostate fluid. The cornering of prostate fluid would probably cause congestion. Besides, ejaculation outside body, quit of sex can also cause inflammation of prostate.