Chronic prostatitis may bring about psychological problems

Date:2018-12-06 click:0

A patient narrates that he has long been suffered from chronic prostatitis, and the disease still left uncured. More symptoms are discoverd, such as insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees disorders, which had great influence on his work and life. He loses his confidence in recovering from this stubborn disease. 

Dr. Lee who studies traditional Chinese medicine answers him, she says this is indeed a difficult problem that confused many suffers. Psychological problems are recorded in the book which relates to the clinical manifestations of chronic prostatitis. A crowd of suffers and even doctors take it for granted that chronic prostatitis is prone to cause psychological problems.
In fact, chronic prostatitis is not a serious disease. It doesn't bring about serve results in patients' work and life. However, the pressure of worring about server condition torments the patients a lot.
In modern society, males have greater pressure, with the invasion of different kinds of diseases, they have a tendency of suffering from mental diseases like depression. What followed by are insomnia, forgetfulness, unable to focus at work. Some patients are with symptoms of low sexual desire, impotence, or premature ejaculation, which affects the relationship between husband and wife to some extent. Especially for patients who have not been married, they may worry about sex life after marriage, or doubt about if they have trouble with fertility. As a result, many unmarried men give up the idea of getting married, or feel uneasy to keep contact with women. What's more, prostate cancer is also a problem that many suffers care about. It is normal for patients who have chronic prostatitis hold these scrupulosities. 
Whereas as it is confirmed, chronic prostatitis is not the direct criminal for psychological problems. Doctors have the responsibility to analyze the causes of the disease, knowledge of chronic prostatitis, and symptoms of the disease.
In the treatment, psychological counseling is sometimes as important as medicine treatment. That is because if patients with psychological burden, he or she can't be treated effectively. Psychological burden can easily result in a vicious cycle, which baffles suffers a lot. What's more, if the psychological problems left unsettled, patients are at risk for suicide.
In summary, chronic prostatitis can not cause mental disorders like Insomnia or forgetfulness. Meanwhile, psychological factors is very important on the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, patients who have this disease do not need to worry too much it, the best way is to cooperate with the medical treatment.
Dr. Lee says many patients are too intensive about their diseases, they try their best to find out more information and possibilities for their treatment, on the contrary, most of their worries are superfluous. A lot of patients of her recover from chronic prostatitis are given psychological comforting more or less. She hopes other patients can take it easy as well.