The Relationship between Prostatitis and Premature Ejaculation

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What is the relationship between prostatitis and premature ejaculation? Can prostatitis cause premature ejaculation?

Experts indicate that uncured prostatitis can easily bring other issues. With the recrudescence and server condition of the disease, inflammation spreads to the pelvic and other nerves, which increase the sensitivity of the pelvic muscle nerves, and leads to long-term excitement in sexual nerve and in the hub of activity. So, will prostatitis really cause premature ejaculation?

This is a problem that a lot of patients concern. Many suffers are with the symptom of sexual dysfunction. However, patients who suffer from premature ejaculation is supposed to have something to do with prostatitis. That is because the prostate is a valve to control ejaculation.

If this valve is infected, the prostate ejaculates soon, for the reason that the inflammation brings about allergies and congestion, which leads to the sexual impulses can't be controlled. Allergy is the result from the increased impulsive, that is to say, the prostate has no ability to bear more stimulation. In this case, premature ejaculation is normal for patients who have prostatitis. 
In many situations, patients who have not been given effective treatment can be confronted with psychological problems. The mood, personality and spirit of the patients can also be the factors that give rise to the abnormal condition.

Patients always hold a view that prostatitis can affect sexual function more or less, so that they are careful in this issue. Sometimes, the unpleased intercourse may depress the suffers a lot, and gradually, they stick with psychological problems.

As we can imagine, more nervous the patients is, more symptoms come out. For instance, impotence, premature ejaculation or sexual dysfunction. The reasonable explanation for this is that congestion in the pelvic muscle in the intercourse is significantly, which brings about pain caused by the increased pressure within the prostate.

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