Three criteria to know whether prostatitis get cured

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Cole Thompsom, who suffered from prostatitis over years, got treated with herbal medicine for several months. The symptoms of prostatitis were gone and never recur in a recent month. Does it mean that he get cured? What is the criterion of curing prostatitis?
To be frank, even though the symptoms of prostatitis were gone, prostaitits may not be radically cured. Because prostatitis is a stubborn disease. Even if the symptoms disappeared, it may also recur over time. Thus, prostatitis sufferers should notice that even if the prostatitis symptoms were removed, it cannot make conclusion that the prostatitis get cured.
First criterion of cure on prostatitis: Our diagnosis of chronic prostatitis is based on routine prostate examination and the symptoms manifested by the patients. Therefore, the criterion of cure is determined by exams and tests. When the examination of prostatic fluid is negative, and lecithin corpuscle recovers to normal 3-4 plus signs, the condition would be cured. 
Second criterion of cure on prostatitis: Semen test shows leukocyte is less than 5 per HP, and eupyrene sperm comprise 70 percent, and no existence of red blood cells. Owing to prostatic secretion is the important part of semen, in which fiber protease is the significant composition that affects motility of sperm. Therefore, infection in prostate naturally can influence the quality and motility of sperm, which leads to infertility in men. So, even the symptoms disappear, semen of the patients still has the necessity to be tested. Especially for patients who are troubled with infertility which caused by prostatitis.
Third criterion of cure on prostatitis: Prostate digital examination is normal or B-ultrasound test shows normal as the morphological morphologic requires. Prostate digital examination is a term in routine prostatic fluid test, which means a lot to patients who have prostatitis. Plus, acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis are similar in symptoms, which are difficult to distinguished. However, Prostate digital examination can help. If it is acute bacterial prostatitis, swelling and burning pain can occur if prostate is touched, while chronic bacterial prostatitis doesn't. 
If patients who have prostatitis is in line with criterion one, they can be considered generally recover. If all the criteria are matched with, the disease can be diagnosed cured. However, if symptoms still emerge, which may caused by spasm that aroused by stimulation of the surrounding connective tissue or urinary tract muscle, more time should be given to be recovery. Long-term psychological stress is also a reason for why recovered patients still stick with the occurence of symptoms. the occurence of symptoms.symptoms.