Seven aspects of semen quality can be affected by prosatitis

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Prostatitis can affect the following seven aspects of the quality of seminal plasma composition and sperm function, thereby affecting the patient's fertility

(1) semen viscosity increased and semen liquefaction exception: chronic inflammation of the prostate, the prostatic fluid in the large liquid drop or the secretion of the enzyme activity decreased, the relative increase in coagulation factors, and the seminal plasma may contain bacteria, a large number of white blood cells, or even mixed lot of pus, is not easy to make semen liquefaction, semen viscosity also significantly increased, sperm vitality and motion adversely affect fertility. 
(2) change the composition of semen: seminal plasma contains a certain amount of nutrients to support sperm motility of sperm and help. Chronic prostatitis, seminal plasma may be doped with a number of bacteria, inflammatory cells, lactate material will increase, bacterial toxins and metabolites are excreted in the seminal plasma, the survival of bacteria and inflammatory cells also consume a lot of nutrients and Oxygen, making the living environment of extremely poor sperm, and therefore can not give full play to their fertility. 
(3) changes in sperm density and semen volume: healthy male ejaculation each time about 2 ~ 6ml, due to the size of a little sperm, so sperm are substantially equal to the amount of seminal plasma, and 40% of seminal plasma is secreted by the prostatic liquid. Chronic prostatitis syndrome, most patients will decrease the secretion of seminal plasma, but not conducive to sperm survival and activities; a small number of patients will increase the secretion of seminal plasma, semen thin, reduced sperm density, also affect reproductive function. 
(4) sperm transport disorders: prostatitis caused by chronic epididymitis, epididymal fibrosis, nodules, inflammation of vas deferens, ejaculatory duct obstruction of channels such as changes in output will cause some of the difficulties of ejaculation, or complete obstruction azoospermia, which affect fertility. 
(5) changes in semen pH: pH of normal semen pH value of 7.2 to 7.8, the pH of the sperm to survive in such good freedom of movement. Chronic prostatitis, seminal plasma acidic substances will increase, making the pH drop, acidic seminal plasma, sperm survival when the pH decreased to the minimum requirements of the pH value of 6.0 ~ 6.5, the sperm will die, is not conducive to the normal reproductive process conduct; prostatic fluid white blood cell, sometimes the pH value of the prostatic fluid will increase and thus change the pH of seminal plasma, is not conducive to sperm survival and functioning. 
(6) causes the hypothalamus - pituitary-gonadal axis changes: chronic prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis syndrome in patients with long lasting, psychological and neurological symptoms are often complex, patients may have psychological problems and personality feature changes (also known as "prostate personality"). Most patients can be performance anxiety, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, depression, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms, these symptoms can lead to the hypothalamus - pituitary gonadal axis The functional changes, in turn, can further lead to apoptosis of germ cells and sperm, can significantly affect the reproductive function and fertility.
(7) Sexual Dysfunction: Some patients Changbiaoxianwei psychological abnormality, accompanied by decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, resulting in sexual arousal or sexual activity decreased significantly. Some patients can occur in varying degrees of painful erections and ejaculation pain, frequent nocturnal emission, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sperm blood, etc., thus affecting fertility.