What to do if prostate infection occurs?

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What to do if prostate infection occurs? Prostate infection various as the infection condition differ. Acute prostate infection can brings symptoms of aversion to cold, fever. What to do with prostate infection symptoms is an ordinary question that most patients concern. Dr.Lee would like to make detailed explanation aims at what if prostate infection symptoms occur.

Patients: I'd like to get some knowledge of prostate infection symptoms, could you finish the puzzle for us? 
Dr.Lee: Howdy! Thank you for trusting us. Different infections make different prostate infection symptoms. For acute prostate infection patients, they often suffer from a great dread of cold and fever. For chronic prostate infection patients, symptom of radiating pain. Once these symptoms appear, suffers should go to the hospital to get examined. 
Prostate infection symptoms
Systemic symptom of acute prostatitis: aversion to cold, fever temperature, muscle weakness. Local symptom: suppressing pain in perineum area or upper regions of pubis, and will increase when sitting for too long or defecating. Moreover, the pain can easily radiate to waist, lower abdomen, back and thighs, etc. In addition, if small abscess forms, defecation can definitely become tough. Normally, these prostate infection symptoms are able to spread to urethra. As a result, the urinary tract symptoms come out, which including buring when urinating, urinary urgency, frequent urination, hematuria or purulent secretion.  
When patients take notice of these symptoms, it is better to stay in bed for about three to four days. Drinking more water, avoiding drinking alcohol and having spicy food is required to keep a healthy diet. Apart form that, hip baths or hot compress on perineum area are beneficial to suffers. 
As a matter of fact, irritative symptoms of bladder can be raised by prostate infection symptoms, such as frequent urination, buring when urinating, pain which radiates to head of the penis; In the morning, secretion like mucus may be found in meatus urinarius, dysuria is a symptom as well; Swelling discomfort in perineum, posterior urethra and anus, which aggravates when squatting down, defecating and sitting for too long. 
Further more, sexual dysfunctions can also be symptoms of prostate infection, for instance, loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, frequent spermatorrhea, hemospermia, painful ejaculation, etc. Reduced prostate secretion causes less amount of semen and denser consistency of semen. That is to say, it takes more time to discharge prostate fluid, which affects viability and motility of sperm.
General treatment for prostate infection
Diet: patients with prostate infection symptoms ought to keep distance with alcohol, spicy food, coffee, oranges, acidity fruit juice, white sugar, superfine flour, etc. And have more fresh fruits, vegetables, coarse grains, bean products, honey and appropriate amount of beef and eggs.
Examine: For prostate infection patients, make sure to know if there's phimosis. Circumcision surgery is operated to prevent hided bacteria mingle in prostate through urethra; clear away chronic infection focus in other regions to prevent bacteria flow into prostate with blood. Besides, do not hold back urine, because holding back urine can make urine turn back to prostate.