How to Prevent Prostate Infection or Inflammation Successfully

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Prostatitis nosogenesis has not been confirmed yet. Therefore there's no satisfying treatment for prostatitis. But a large number of prostatitis patients are much suffering from this disease. So prevention of prostatitis is an imperative event. Though incidence of prostatitis is high, and in some particular persons, such as sottish drivers, workers, soldiers, low immunity persons, the disease is not unusual.

It proves that bad habits in daily life and other adverse conditions are high risk factors which can induce prostatitis.

Prevention is the key to prostate health. That is to say, we do not need to search treatment until we have the disease, if we have taken protective measures before, treatment is uncalled-for. Further and systemic study has been done to find out the harmful factors that are able to bring about prostatitis.
Focus of infection, secondary infection of prostatitis.
Thanks to most patients can be infected by pathogenic microorganisms, and usually can caused by systemic infection of the whole body. Pathogenic microorganisms are able to insert prostate through blood, lymph, urethra, rectum or other ways.

So, positive treatment that prevents foci throughout the body from infecting prostate is necessary. Intestinal infectious diseases or infectious diseases that patients' mates have should be kept away  to decrease the risk of prostate infectious disease.
Phimosis is the one of the major factors which give rise to chronic bacterial prostatitis. Therefore, phimosis patients had better receive circumcision to prevent infection. Infectious hemorrhoids is also a factor can't be ignored. In recent years, incidence of STDs have an increasing tendency, in addition, chronic prostatitis that occurs after having STD is not a phenomenon.
Regular intercourse
Planned intercourses or appropriate masturbation are allowable. In fact, prostatitis are acute or chronic infection that heterosexual and non-specific infection. Prostate is the largest subsidiary gland of male reproductive organs. Discharge of prostate secretion is able to assist prostate function to run well. Apart from that, if prostate fluid resorts in the prostate for too long, pathogens can occur, which easily lead to prostatic calculi.
Regular ejaculation helps evacuate prostate fluid completely. A theory says that plethoric inflammatory tissue found in old men can be explained as response of decreased intercourse. On the other hand, frequent intercourses and masturbation which can cause prostate congestion are not beneficial to young men.
Avoid drinking to excess and having much spicy food
Both drinking and spicy food are not factors that can directly cause prostatitis. But actually, they can irritate prostate and urethra, which can lead to short-lived discomfort in urethra and hemangiectasis, swelling of prostate. In fact, other irritating food, such as fish, shrimp, chicken, beef and mutton are not food that can cause prostate congestion.
Keep warm
When catching cold, the body is in stress state. Sympathetic excites rich -AR in prostate, which increases urethral pressure.
Do not abuse antibiotic.
With the extensive usage of antibiotic, abuse antibiotic is a common way, especially for STD patients. Chance of transforming to L form of bacteria is a tendency.