Help Prostatitis Patients read Data on Prostate Fluid Microscopy

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Considered as the largest subsidiary gland of male reproductive system, prostate secret prostate fluid, which constitutes 1/10~1/3 of semen. Prostate fluid can protect and strengthen sperm motility and lubricate urethra. Normal prostate fluid is a milky white slurry liquid, which can be produced 0.5~2.0 milliliter daily. This fluid contains 280/dl fat and 65% of it is phospholipid. Microscopically, per high power field of the white blood cell count less than 10 is abnormal.   

Prostate fluid of chronic prostatitis patients may be yellow turbid and contains floc. Macrophages devour a large number of lipid which lead to leukocytosis ( ten in high power field ). In serious condition, leukocyte piles can occur, while lecithin decreases or disappears. However, the test results of amount of prostate fluid and thickness of prostate usually relate to urinary tract infections or specimen contamination. Hence, it is better to take several more prostate microscopy check to diagnose chronic prostatitis.
Sometimes routine urianlysis should be done before doing prostate massage. If there's no prostate fluid, the doctor can take some urine after the massage to compare with the urine before.
As a matter of fact, the collected column gland fluid samples are two or three drops, which can not reflect the real situation of the entire prostate. The male urethra is long, urethral cavity is not full, so there should be residual urine in urethral segment. In addition, different doctors prefer different massage sequences, the inflammation can be various. That is to say, one test is not enough to prove accuracy of the diagnosis.
How to read prostatic fluid checklist?
①PH value: normal prostate fluid acidic PH value is 6.2~6.5. This value increases when prostatitis occurs.
②Exterior: Normal prostate fluid is thin pale milky white, while abnormal prostate fluid is thick and feculent, yellow or damask.    
③Lecithin: In normal prostate fluid, lecithin can be easily seen, +++~++++ can be found in the inspection list. However, when lecithin decreases, it will shows +~++.  
④Hematid: Less than ten hematids in per high-power field is normal. 
⑤Leucocyte: Similarly, normal quantity of leucocyte should be less than ten. Abnormal condition is +~+++ (each + means ten leucocytes) 
⑥Sperm: If seminal vesicle is oppressed during the massage, sperm can be found in prostate fluid.    
⑦Trichomonas and fungi: Trichomonas and fungi can considered as factors when diagnose prostatitis.