Available treatments of chronic prostatitis

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When it comes to prostatitis, people often feel anxious. Especially for chronic prostatitis, which rises from chronic inflammation. It is a fact that prostatitis brings new chanllenges to traditional Chinese medical science. However, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) treatment of prostatitis outlook is bright. To be short, in traditional Chinese medical science, prostatitis refers to cold accumulation, alluvion, blood stasis and other toxic materials in the body. Those toxins exist long in patients’ body and damage suffers’ physiological function. Therefore, the key to treat this disease is expulsion of toxin. Traditional Chinese medicine is exactly good at killing bacterials and promoting blood circulation. In brief, TCM can reach lession directly and eliminate inflammation soon with no side-effect.

In the world, various treatments of prostatitis are not successful and satisfing. Though treatments of prostatitis are rich, which absolutely is a vantage, it seems to be of no much use. Common prostatitis treatments are antibiotic; physiatry; A-receptor group delay agent; prostatic massage; muscle relaxant; natural herbal treatment(TCM treatment), etc. Here we can separately explore different treatments of prostatitis. 
1.Conventional treatment: Owing to the tough envelope on the surface of prostate, espcially when obstruction and calcification occurs in lessions, blood circulation becomes poor. Odinary medicine or mainline are not able to penetrate this panniculus adiposus. In a result, pathogens in focus can lead to repeated infections.
2. Systemic antibiotic therapy: Systemic antibiotic therapy can be applied to treat patients who have no obstructions in prostate.However, it helps little to prostate calcification patients, because medicine even can’t reach prostate. What’s more, patients need to suffer long-term drug resistence and damages in liver, kidney and stomach. If flora imbalance appears, chances of autoinfection will be greatly raised. 
3. Prostate injection: If not nessary, prostate injection is not recommended to patients whose condition is light. However, This operation requires skilled doctors and the process is sophisticated. Usually, patients are not much acclimated to the pain and they worry about damages of prostate. In addition, this meathod can not eliminate inflamation of seminal vesical, vas deferens, epididymis at all. 
4. Urethra catheter drench technology: This technology is also helpful to patients who have no obstuction. But if prostate gland and relief hole (an opening in urethra) are obstruct, medicine can also not capable of entering the gland. 
5. Prostatic massage: Repeated prostatic massage does work in preventing ducts of prostate gland obstruction. However, it can not kill pathogens and can only be an adjuvant therapy. By the way, only skilled massage therapists can do prostatic massage for patients to guarantee patinets’ health.
6. Physiotherapy: By the use of microwave and RF technology,  thermodynamic activity can be created to promote blood circulation in prostate and accelerate metabolism, which are propitious to diminish inflammation, eliminate dropsy and relieve pelvic floor muscle spasm. Whereas, physiotherapy can only help patients relieve from symptoms.
After analyzing so much about several different treatments of prostatitis, we believe you smart readers can have a basic recognition of advantages and shortcomings of them and can select available treatments for yourselves.