Chronic Prostatitis causes intensive Pain

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It is said that women often suffer pain more intensely and differently than men. However, that not means men will not suffer severe pain. In fact, it is always pain that troubles men and makes them feel kept alone from their families, friends and doctors. Some diseases can cause pain, and this pain can aggravate along with its development.    

Every year, about two million doctor visits are distributed to prostatitis. This indicates that prostatitis is not a rare disease in men. Usually, there are two types of painful prostatitis, one is acute and the other is chronic. Both of the two types prostatitis patients may meet pain. While, acute prostatitis is often caused by bacterial infection, so it is more easy to cure with antibiotic. However, chronic prostatitis is more complciated and more difficult to treat. 
Chronic prostatitis, as more people know, is more intractable. It is a disease which is characterized by very intense pain in pelvics, perineum, lower back, lower abdomen, urethra, and legs. Not only these, it can cause a series of neurological problems, such as low energy, low mood, mental disturbance, etc. Typical symptoms of the disease are the frustrations of interacting with friends, family, and medical professionals. All these consequences can induce big problems, even suicide. Though it is not cancer, neither it is benign, it can ruin patients’ lives and bring dealth..
It is true that chronic prostatitis is a factor that can cause disrupted relationships and divorce. More complaints come out, patinets gradually have difficulties in dealing with work, social intercourse, and even all aspects in live. Often, patients direct their biggest anger at their doctor. As a matter of fact, it is patients that sometimes put more pressure on themselves. Many symptoms are “in their head” actually.
Why is there no effectively treatments for chronic prostatitis? Though millions of dollars and years of researches are spent, chronic prostatitis treatments give no much hope to patients. And indeed, these treatments (abtibiotic, alpha blockers, prostate injections, proatate massagem, spinal implants, etc ) causes no response. It can directly affect patients’ confidence and expectation of the cure. This is a also a reason for why a lot of  chronic prostatitis patients get frustrated and irascible.
Pain that rises from chronic prostatitis can be relieved actually. Though antibiotics can’t be a solution, herbal remedy is another choice. Why herbal remedy can make it. Herbal medicines are made from natural herbs, they have natural efficacy, this is a feature that antibiotic don't have. Herbs that can promote blood circulation can relieve pain a lot, plus, some herbs which can clear away heat and toxic materials can also help. Apart from that, more perfect prescription are developed, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a successful case. It is applied to treat prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis. Generally, three to four months are enough to cure chronic prostatitis.