Three major types of prostatitis you should know

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Prostatitis has three major types which are acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Here is to introduce each one of them briefly.

Acute bacterial prostatitis
This type of prostatitis is the easiest type to cure. This type can be cured by all treatment except massage, because massage can bring bacteria to other nearby organs via the promoted blood circulation. Between those treatments such as antibiotic, pain killer, surgery and herbal medicine, antibiotic is the best. This type of prostatitis commonly can be cured by antibiotic within weeks. And such short treating course won’t bring damages to liver and kidney.
Chronic bacterial prostatitis
This type of prostatitis is development level of acute type, thus, the treatment time of this type is longer. Chronic bacterial prostatitis also cannot be cured by massage, because the same reason mentioned above. Although this type cannot be cured by antibiotic within weeks, it also can be cured by it thoroughly. Thus, when you choose antibiotic to cure your chronic prostatitis, you also have to take some pills to protect your liver and kidney. What's more, because of the drug resistance of antibiotic, patients also have to visit doctors frequently to change the dosage.
Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/ Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Almost 90% -95% prostatitis are this type. For this type herbal medicine is the best choice.  This type of prostatitis isn't caused by bacterial infection, thus, antibiotic isn't the best treatment choice for there are no bacteria to be killed. Commonly doctors will recommend patients to choose massage or herbal medicine. Both of the two treatments can promote blood circulation to release symptoms. Chronic prostatitis is hard to be cured within weeks, so patients should be prepared for a long time treating. Herbal medicine can enhance self-healing ability by strong the immune system. Herbal medicine also won't produce toxic materials to damage liver and kidney, thus, it is suitable for a long time treating.