What are the causes of prostate disorders?

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Only men have prostate gland. Prostate gland is an organ looks like a chestnut. This organ locates at the base of the bladder and around the beginning of the urethra. If you don't pay attention to the health of prostate, several type of prostate disorders you will have had, but the most common diseases are hypertrophy, enlarged prostate gland and prostatitis.

What are the causes of prostate disorders?
Prostate gland is an important organ for men, because it is used to produce prostatic fluid and this organ also takes part in the process of flush urine. Thus, if this organ is sick, not only quality of semen can be affected, but also flush urine. What are the causes of prostate disorders?
Long time sitting is a major cause, because when men sitting, this gesture makes this gland pressed by its nearby organs, so blood circulation of this organ is affected and become slowly. Thus, toxic materials cannot be cleared out via blood circulation. What's more, bed blood circulation also can decline immune system, thus, prostate gland also is easy to be invaded by bacteria, and so long time sitting is an important factor.
Excessive sexual excitement and constipation can be caused by continuous irritation of the gland due to excessive sexual excitement. Another major cause of prostate disorders is constipation, when stool becomes hard and the rectum and colon are overloaded, causing undue pressure on the prostate gland.
Bad eating habits also are a reason. As is known, prostate gland can be irritated by many foods such as pepper, onion, Chilies, alcohol and so on. Those foods can stimulate prostate gland and make it be invaded by bacteria easily. What's more, if you already have had prostate disorders, those foods also can aggravate the symptoms.
How to cure prostate disorders?
In my opinion, prostate disorders aren't easily cured diseases, but they also aren't hard cured diseases. They are easy to cure or hard depend on what kind of treatment you have chosen. If you have had chronic prostatitis but choose antibiotic, if you have had acute prostatitis but choose herbal medicine, you won't get a satisfied answer. The right chooses is treating acute diseases with antibiotic and treating chronic diseases with herbal medicine.