Five misunderstandings of chronic prostatitis you should know

Date:2018-12-04 click:0

Prostatitis is a disease happens on men's prostate organ. This disease is simple but is easy to be confused with other situations. Here i will list five misunderstandings for you guys.

First, chronic prostatitis is BPH
Many patients take the view that chronic prostatitis is BPH. What's more there also are many patients also hold the view BPH is caused by chronic prostatitis. Actually, this is wrong. Chronic prostatitis and BPH are two different diseases and there is no connection between them.
Second, only antibiotic can cure chronic prostatitis thoroughly
A large number of chronic prostatitis are nonbacterial type. Some chronic prostatitis can be cured by antibiotic because they are caused by bacterial infection, but most of chronic prostatitis are not caused by bacterial infection, so chronic prostatitis need to take other treatment such as herbal treatment.
Third, prostatitis is uncurable
Although the causes of prostatitis is complicated. As you may know that many factors can bring congestion to prostatitis and make symptoms come and go, but symptoms become milder and milder one by one. Thus, prostatitis is curable. Patients need to take right treatment not the most expensive treatment. I know a treatment not only can cure chronic prostatitis but also can cure acute bacterial prostatitis. This treatment is an herbal treatment, which is one of the safest treatment in the world. Patients only need three months treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can say goodbye to prostatitis forever.
Fourth, chronic prostatitis is contagious
A large number of chronic prostatitis are not caused by bacterial infection. Since the high infection rate of prostatitis, many people doubt that prostatitis is contagious. But the truth is, women can prevent bacteria infection and there is no bacteria to transmit, so chronic prostatitis can have sexual intercourse with partners. Please don't worry that too much.
Fifth, prostatitis is STD
Although chronic prostatitis is an important inflammatory disease and the treatment is hard, it isn't a STD.
The five aspects are easy to be misunderstand by prostatitis patients. And i hope this article can help patients know what prostatitis is and get rid of this disease quickly.