How to differentiate prostatitis and urethritis based on symptoms

Date:2018-12-04 click:0

A lot of male patients are going through abnormal urination, cloudy urine and painful lower abdomen. They often consider that they have got prostatitis. But in fact, it could be urethritis. There are many similarities between prostatitis and urethritis. We can hardly differentiate them without detailed test. Then, how to differentiate these two diseases?

1. Urethritis is a kind of infectious disease. But prostatitis is non-contagious. 
2. Urethritis is mainly induced by bacteria. But most prostatitis is induced by physiological inflammation. It is rarely caused by bacteria.
3. Except for abnormal urination, there would be symptom of urethritis patients that the urine flows out of the urethral orifice automatically. 
4. For treating urethritis, we kill the bacteria and diminish inflammation mainly by taking or injecting antibiotics. But for prostatitis, there are many treatment methods. And the methods vary with different people. For the patients who have treated for a long time, we suggest him to use traditional Chinese medicine-diuretics and anti-inflammatory pill to treat it. 
5.If the urethritis develop continually, it would induce prostatitis.Relatively speaking, urethritis would be more contagious than prostatitis. 
When checking the urine of patients with urethritis, there would be a lot of white blood cells. But when doing the same examination of prostatitis patients, there would not have so many white blood cells.
6. After cure of urethritis, we don't need to have the strict care. Only if we have good hygiene, it would not recur any more. But after cure of prostatitis, we should also do a lot of nursing, especially in terms of eating.
Now, we can differentiate the prostatitis and urethritis by ourselves. No matter what you have acquired, You should go to a hospital to have an examination soon. Then you can choose proper treatment based on accurate diagnosis.