Should prostatitis patients avoid intercourse when accepting treatment?

Date:2018-12-04 click:0

There is no doubt, sexual behaviors like intercourse or masturbation can bring congestion to prostate. And the frequent congestion caused by frequent intercourse or masturbation is a major reason of prostatitis. Therefore, some patients hold the view that sexual intercourse is bad for prostate recovery. On the contrary, some hold the point that sex is good for prostate recovery, because sex help expel the inflammatory materials from prostate. As a result, there is an argument between prostatitis sufferers: should prostatitis patient avoid intercourse when accepting treatment?

Firstly, as is known to all, prostatitis which can be cured by herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a common disease for men. This condition usually is caused by bacteria, virus or pathogen. And it commonly brings redness on urethral orifice, frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, burning to men. Therefore, we all know that there are inflammatory materials in prostate. What’s more, there is no doubt that appropriate sexual intercourse can help expel the inflammatory materials from prostatitis, because intercourse can enhance the local blood circulation of prostatitis. Hence, intercourse is helpful for prostate recovery.
Secondly, proper sexual intercourse can also arouse couples’ sexual drive and deepen their love. What’s more, proper sexual intercourse is also a good way to prevent sexual dysfunctions. 
Last but not least, prostate gland can also be hurt by long term asexual life, because inflammatory materials cannot be expelled from prostatitis. 
Therefore, intercourse is good for prostate recovery. Men shouldn’t say no to intercourse. Moreover, although not all types of prostatitis are contagious, it is also better for couple to use condom when having sex. Men should do a good hygiene job before having sex without condom.
By the way, for acute prostatitis sufferers, sexual intercourse isn’t proper, because intercourse can aggravate the symptoms, making patients painful.
To sum up, there is no need to say no to intercourse because proper sexual intercourse is helpful for the chronic prostatitis men. As for acute prostatitis men, it is better for them to enjoy sex when prostatitis steps into chronic period.