Can hydropenia easily lead to prostatitis for men?

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As we grow older, the sensory organs gradually become less sensitive, so the feeling of thirst is reduced. People will not be easy to have strong feelings because of the shortage of water in the body. Besides, coupled with busy working, they often neglect to drink water, making the cells in the long-term "dry" state.

If the human organs and tissues do not get enough water for a long time, they are bound to appear shrinkage. The body fluids (blood and urine) may appear concentration as well. These may not only tend to cause cardiovascular diseases and alourinary tract stones but also easily lead to the damage of organs caused by concentrated urine and reduced urination. Among these organs, prostate is the one of the organs which is easily be damaged.
According to experts, acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis are the main type of prostatitis. Among these, chronic prostatitis can bring a greater harm to men. Because chronic prostatitis is more concealed and can easily cause many complications among patients. 
Under the premise of not having heart and kidney diseases, men should cultivate the habit of drinking water regularly. They can drink about 1500 to 2000 ml of water or tea every day. Through this way, the water can fully flush the urethra by the urine, which is conducive to the discharge of prostate secretions.
Mover, even the patients have the symptoms of frequent urination symptoms, they can also drink more water. In order to avoid over-filling the bladder after sleep and frequently urine during night, they can reduce the amount of water in the night and drink the water for the day. 
To sum up, prostatitis patients should drink more water to relive the symptoms. However, to radically cure prostatitis, water is not enough. If the patients want to treat this disease, especially the chronic prostatitis, they can take the herbal pill - diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to get a cure. If you have any questions, you can consult the online doctor in