Onions and garlic are the first choice of BPH diet

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What is the BPH diet? According to a research in USA, it found that regular consumption of onions, garlic is very good for the prevention of prostate hyperplasia. According to the epidemiological investigation, the prevalence of BPH patients are mainly in Europe and less in Asia, especially China. Experts believe that it is probably related to the use of onion and garlic in Chinese people. 

Onion and garlic is recommended as the BPH diet because the substances of these two foods can inhibit the generation of joint enzyme which plays important in the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acid. And cholesterol levels are directly related to steroid hormone synthesis and prostate hyperplasia. According to the clinical experiment, the symptoms of patients who take the garlic extracts have been effectively improved. Studies also have shown that a daily intake of vegetables and a small amount of onion and garlic can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50%.
In the view of TCM theory, they hold the view that the onion and garlic have the effect of getting rid of cold stagnation. It is prone to promote blood circulation for the people who have congestion, proliferative diseases and the stasis of blood circulation. BPH diet should add some onion and garlic dishes. Then in our daily life, how should we eat these foods?
BPH diet - onions 
Onion has the nature of volatile, so it can stimulate the nose and eyes. If it is placed in the air for long time after the incision, or heated with high temperatures, the sulfur content of the organic will be reduced. Therefore, the best way to eat onions is to eat raw or fried with short time cook. When cutting onions, dip some water on the knife can reduce the "tears". 
BPH diet - garlic 
Garlic Allicin can promote the body's absorption of vitamin B1; it also has the functions of sterilization, lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer and other functions. Allicin will fail when exposed to heat, so it is better to eat raw garlic. And it is beneficial to the conducive to the generation of Allicin when it is mashed into the mud for 10 - 15 minutes. In addition, it is not recommend eating it with limosis because it is easy to damage the gastric mucosa.
All in all, the above description is the diet therapy of BPH. Besides, it is also suggested that patients should develop a healthy and balanced diet. If patients have serious symptoms, they can take the herbal medicine like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.