Moderate antibiotic therapy for chronic prostatitis is the key

Date:2018-12-02 click:0

Antibiotics are frequently used pills. Although, recently, antibiotics have been abused in a large number of hospitals is reported, many prostatitis patients still prone to antibiotics because of the quick effect. However, to cure the chronic prostatitis, victims should stop where antibiotic therapy should stop.

Nowadays, there are so many types of antibiotics and the application methods are various too. But for chronic prostatitis, orally taken antibiotics are better. Generally speaking, 4-6 weeks treatment is enough. However, 6 weeks later, if the prostatitis still is there, other treatment is acceptable. 
Generally speaking, prostatitis can be eradicated by antibiotics within weeks. However, for some patients, antibiotics are the worst.
On one hand, Drug resistance is one of the side-effect of antibiotics. The effect might not be as good as the first day, if patients take antibiotics for a long time. On the other hand, it is hard for the effective materials of antibiotics reach and work on lesion area. Prostate has one layer that can block bacteria and other toxic materials outside, so the layer can also block lots of effective materials outside and reduce the effect. Therefore, although chronic prostatitis is curable for antibiotics, for long time treating, herbal therapy is better.
Chronic prostatitis which differs from acute type is recurrent. Therefore, herbal pill is more suitable for it. Herbal pill does not have drug resistance. What’s more, herbal pill also has channel ushering drug which is used lead the rest of the effective herbs reach and work on lesion area directly.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill – the result of Dr. Lee’s more than 30-year work on reproductive disease – is good at curing chronic prostatitis. 
In addition to medical treatment, nursing is also important. Diet regimen is one aspect that prostatitis victims should pay attention to. During treatment period, men must eat plaint food and avoid meat of fish. On hygiene, men also should take care of the genital hygiene.