How is the effect of the TCM remedy for prostatitis?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
When suffering from prostatitis, the prostatitis treatment will become the focus on lot of sufferers. In clinic, the treatment methods like antibiotics, message, acupuncture and moxibustion and TCM become the commonly used choice. And now, the TCM remedy for prostatitis is become more and more popular among the patients. However, some patients wonder that is the prostatitis TCM effective? How is the effect of the prostatitis of the TCM remedy for prostatitis, especially for the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill?
TCM, the abbreviation of the Traditional Chinese medicine, has a over 50000 years in China. The long history makes China built her own medical system of it. In the Ancient time, it is hard for herbalist to figure out the real reason of the disease, because they lack of equipment. So commonly they can only observe the symptoms that diseases showed up and define the disease according to the symptoms. 
And clinically, the prostatitis symptoms are pain or burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination, particularly at night, urgent need to urinate, painful orgasms, etc. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, the national patented herbal medicine invented by the herbalist Dr. Lee Xiaoping. It has the functions of activate blood circulation and dissipating stasis, so it can release the pain continually (TCM views that there is pain with blockage, there is no pain without blockage). And the functions of inducing diuresis and promoting stranguria can work well on the urinary frequency and urgency. 
Most importantly, to radically cure prostatitis, eliminating the inflammation of prostate is the prior thing. Based on this principle, Dr. lee add many herbs which can clear away heat and remove toxic materials to the formula. It works effectively on eliminating the inflammation, which not only achieve the purpose of radically prostatitis cure, but also minimize the replase of the illness. 
To get the completely cure, the diet is really important. When you take this pill, avoiding stimulating food, alcohol and coffee are very necessary. Some vegetables fruits, soy bean products will become the first diet. Besides, far away from other products or herbs is significant as well. 
All in all, the TCM therapy is effective to the prostatitis especially for the chronic prostatitis. And as long as you flow the doctors’ advice and pay attention to the diet, the cure rate can be as high as 95%.