3 Ways for Prostatitis Pain Management

Date:2019-12-03 click:0
Prostatitis pain is suffering and unspeakable for a man. To manage prostatitis pain, a clear understanding of the classification of prostatitis is necessary. 
Basically there are two types of prostatitis: acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. When an acute prostatitis happens, intolerable pain attacks the patients suddenly. Some patients bear the pain for a certain period and forget to take treatment.

As a result, it becomes chronic prostatitis. For chronic prostatitis, it shows complex symptoms such as frequent, urgent, painful and difficult urination, fall-swelling pain in posterior urethra, perineum and anus, and radiated pain in the lower back.    
For acute prostatitis, it is better to take treatment immediately. The doctor may use antibiotics directly to relieve the pain in a short time. But for chronic prostatitis, it takes a long time to treat it. The patients need a practical way for pain management in a long run. 
There are three ways for pain management for chronic prostatitis patients:
1. Regular sex
Regular sexual activity helps for drainage of prostatic fluid and thus relieves the prostatitis pain. Excessive sexual activity is not recommended. Attention shall be paid to a reasonable frequency.

A research on prisoners under sentence of death shows that almost all the prisoners without normal sexual activity have prostatitis problem. It comes to a conclusion that long-term abstinence might be an important cause of prostatitis. This proves that regular sexual activity helps to keep the prostate healthy.     

2. Sitz bath and hot compress on perineum
Sitz bath means placing the buttock and the partial thigh into warm water in a basin. Hot compress on perineum means using hot towel or water bag to warm the perineum. These treatments help to improve the blood circulation of the prostate and surrounding parts. It is convenient and can be done at home. It relieves the pain obviously and is suggested to be done at least three times a day.
3. Prostate massage
Prostate massage means squeezing and stimulating the prostate directly. It shall be done once a week if possible. Normally a professional urinary surgeon will help to do this treatment. It is believed that prostate massage also helps for drainage of the fluid and pus deposited in the prostate. This relieves the prostatitis pain and accelerates the recovery. It should be noted that prostate massage shall never be applied for acute prostatitis as it might cause infection spreading and even bacteremia.

For efficient prostatitis treatment, the Chinese traditional medicine care is recommended. Herbal medicine likes Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is used. It is an efficient drug widely used to treat inflammation in urinary system and reproductive system. It shall be noted that all herbal medicine shall be taken under the doctor’s guidance.