Four Ways to Say Goodbye to Ejaculation Disorder

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Orgasm and ejaculation are a series of chain reactions of male sexual function. Each chain has its own unique mechanism and inevitable connection. If any one of the links is wrong, it may lead to the final link of the error, that is, ejaculation obstacles. Here are four ways to say goodbye to ejaculation disorders.
1. Use electric massager
Under the guidance of the doctor, the use of electric massager to induce ejaculation can often achieve better results. At the beginning, it needs continuous stimulation for 10-15 minutes, and then it takes only 5 minutes to achieve the goal of ejaculation. The stimulation sites were mainly glans and frenulum, and could also move up and down along the trunk. A variety of models of health massagers are available.
2. Psychotherapy
It needs cooperation and understanding between husband and wife, eliminating anxiety of patients, doing a good job of women, encouraging women to accommodate men and cooperating actively to assist men in treatment. For example, during sexual intercourse, some measures can be taken to enhance sexual stimulation during the friction stage.

In order to further enhance sexual excitement, the woman should take the most appropriate position, embrace the man tightly, or consciously contract the vaginal sphincter to strengthen the stimulation of the penis. Or temporarily separated from his wife for a period of time, so that the cerebral cortex is fully rested and adjusted, and the freshness of reunion helps to break through the inhibited state.
3. Guidance of Behavior Methodology
Andrological experts say that reducing or stopping the use of penile twitching before uncontrollable ejaculation can reduce sexuality. The woman uses her hand to stimulate the erection of the penis, stops stimulating when approaching the climax, repeats stimulating after the penis is atrophy, and repeatedly establishes new conditioned reflex.

It can also pull down the scrotum and testicles or squeeze the penis head with thumb and index finger to reduce its excitability. Sexual intercourse can be replaced by female superior position, with the form of twitch - stop - twitch, gradually increasing the response threshold to stimulation, prolonging ejaculation time.
4. Drug therapy
Apply topical anesthetics to the head of the penis 10 minutes before sexual intercourse to reduce sensitivity. Take some medicines to raise the threshold of ejaculation center. Phenylbenzylamine, an alpha-adrenergic blocker, may help prolong ejaculation time by reducing sympathetic excitability.
Ejaculation disorder is a kind of prostate disease. For example, prostatitis patients could have this symptom. Due to the side effects and limited effects of antibiotics, patients may choose natural therapy such as TCM prescription Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

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