Plantain Herb: The Dietary Therapy for Patients with Prostatitis

Date:2019-07-11 click:0
Prostatitis is generally divided into two kinds, chronic prostatitis and acute prostatitis. If the occurence is sudden, then it is usually considered as acute prostatitis, also known as acute bacterial prostatitis which is caused by bacterial infection. In this case, antimicrobial therapy is the preferred treatment. 
Therefore, the treatment of acute prostatitis is mainly the application of antibiotics. Generally, if antimicrobial treatment is taken timely, the effect of recovery can be ideal.
But for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, just using the above method may be more troublesome. For patients with prostatic inflammation, in addition to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, some herbal medicines can also be used, such as plantain herb, which is common to find in the wild, it has the effect of clearing heat, eliminating dampness and treating stranguria, and can be helpful in the treatment of prostatitis.

Now I will introduce some edible methods of plantain.
1. Stewed Pig Belly with plantain herb: The so-called "pig belly" actually refers to the pig bladder. Wash fresh plantain herb and then wash the 200 grams of pig bladder up and put them into boiling pot and cook them. After it is done, cutting them into pieces and put into the pot again together with plantain herb, salt, aginomoto, pepper, ginger, shallot, and cooking wine. The stewed pig bladder has the function of clearing away heat and dampness, promoting diuresis and it can treat cystitis and urethritis as well.
2. The plantain soup: Wash the collected plantain herb, stir-fry them with soybean oil, scallion, pepper, salt and ginger, add 500 ml of water, and then add aginomoto and coriander. The soup has the functions of clearing heat, diuresis and anti-inflammation.
3. Green tea with plantain herb: 100-150 g of fresh plantain, boiled with 500ml water for 5 minutes, adding 0.5-1 g green tea and it is done. This soup has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, eliminating inflammation, stopping bleeding and diarrhea. It can treat diseases such as urinary hemorrhage, diarrhea, gastritis, prostatitis and so on.

Patients can also choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has better curative effect on urinary and genital diseases such as prostatitis. 
Its usage is very simple, taking two  bags a day and one bag once half an hour after meals. And it has obvious effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuresis and treating stranguria. With the characteristics of broad-spectrum antimicrobial, it can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses which causes the urinary and genital diseases. 
Finally, prostatitis is very easy to recur, so patients must pay attention to keeping on healthy living habits and hygienic habits in daily life, in order to avoid recurrence of prostatitis.