The Symptoms of Prostatitis You Should Notice at The Early Stage

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Prostate disease is very painful to men, it can damage their self-esteem, even worse, sometimes may also affect the feelings between couples or lead to a broken family. Therefore, we should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of such disease positively. what are the early symptoms of prostatitis?
1. Urinary tract symptoms
Difficult or unpleasant urination, frequent urination, thining urinary stream, urine changes and posterior urethral discomfort, perineal pressure and other urinary tract symptoms may be symptoms of prostatitis in the morning.
2. Mental symptoms
Fatigue, depression, memory loss, low self-confidence and other symptoms may also be one of the early symptoms of prostatitis.

3. Pain symptoms
Posterior urethra will cause burning sensation, ant movement sensation, perineal and anal pain which can be radiated to lumbosacral, inguinal, suprapubic area, penis, testis, and occasionally abdominal area,etc.
4. Sexual dysfunction
The prostate is the largest accessory gonad of the male body, normally the  glandular nerves are sensitive and is directed by the brain. When inflammation occurs in the gland, the flexible and elastic prostate becomes stiff and sclerotic,  blood vessels and nerves in the gland are damaged to varying degrees. The elasticity of the gland disappears and becomes out of control, unable to control sperm exclusion, leading to premature ejaculation or even impotence.
If we find symptoms similar to the initial symptoms of  prostatitis, we have to pay attention to them, of which the impact is multifaceted.
1. The negative impact on work and life
Frequent urination and incomplete urination seriously affects daily work, urinating three or four times at night also result in a serious decline in sleeping quality.

2. Impacts on partners
In addition to the impact to yourself, it also has a certain impact on your partners. At first, it was also mentioned that prostatitis can cause sexual desire loss, premature ejaculation and other problems affecting your sexual relations. Secondly, although most of the pathogenic microorganisms in prostatitis are not sexually transmitted diseases, but there are also a small number of cases can be transmitted through sex due to some special pathogens causing prostatitis, such as gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia and other pathogens, which is intolerable for all of you.
3. Influences on individual psychology
These above two problems will also have a certain impact on personal psychology in life, afraid will be looked upon down by colleagues and partners with tinted glasses. Great psychological stress, which has a negative impact on the rehabilitation of the disease, resulting in a vicious circle.
Of course, the symptoms of prostatitis are not only those introduced, they will affect men's work and life in varying degrees. When you notice that you may have above symptoms, go to the hospital as soon as possible for the test of prostatitis in order to be treated after diagnosis. Treatment of prostatitis is usually based on the actual symptoms of patients, the treatment of acute infectious prostatitis is currently mostly treated with antibiotic treatment, drug sensitivity test is needed before treated in order to select more sensitive antibiotic treatment.

Clinically, chronic prostatitis is usually generally treated with conservative therapy, and most people generally choose drugs to treat it.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill on behalf of those drugs with functions of promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria is recommended, it can directly reach the lesion, eliminate the inflammation of genitourinary system fundamentally, restore the normal function of the prostate, and can also alleviate the symptoms of frequent urination, urinary urgency and dysuria and prevent it. To prevent prostatitis, you need harmonious sexual life, drink more water, do not hold your urine, avoid long-term congestion of the prostate, and so on.