The Reason Behind Urodynia?

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Urination is the normal metabolism of the human body, which can not only be used to drain toxins and urea produced by the metabolism of various organs, but also help to regulate the balance of water and inorganic salts in the body and maintain the normal physiological function of tissues. Some people usually feel embarrassed when they notice the symptoms of urodynia, it will bring a lot of problems to people's lives.

Then what are the causes of urodynia? How to do urinary pain?What kind of food is good for patients with urodynia?
1. Irritated Bladder and Urethra
Irritation of the urethra is a common symptom of urodynia, which may be inflammation of the urethra, such as pyelonephritis, coinfection of urolithiasis, urethritis, vaginitis and so on. This symptom is common with acute inflammation and urinary system inflammation. If it's not stimulated by inflammation, it could be urodynia caused by stone, or a cancer, or may be a foreign matter in the urethra or pain caused by pregnancy compression.
2. Reduction of bladder capacity
It may be caused by bladder space-occupying lesions, or infiltration, sclerosis, contracture of the bladder wall inflammation.
3. Neurological dysregulation of bladder
The common symptoms are mental tension and hysteria, which can also be accompanied by urgent urine, but no pain in urine.
4. Female Urodynia 
The common causes are urinary tract infections, including pyelonephritis, cystitis and urethritis. In addition, vaginitis, senile atrophic vaginitis, bladder contraction, sphincter relaxation and bladder tumors can also cause urodynia.
5. Male urinary pain
It may be caused by prostatitis, urinary tract infection, venereal diseases and so on.
How to Treat Urodynia?

1. If it is accidental urinary pain, then we can take some ordinary anti-inflammatory drugs first. But if it's regular and the symptoms don't show any signs of abatement, it's likely that your urethra or surrounding organs are diseased. It is inappropriate to take antibiotics as soon as urinary pain occurs. But at first, we should see a doctor in time to find out the causes. It is suggested that patients go to the hospital for mid-stream examination in time, and then select sensitive antibiotics according to urine culture and drug sensitivity test.

If you have  urinary tract infection, clean urine culture should also be done first. Effective antibiotics should be selected for regular anti-inflammatory treatment according to results of drug sensitivity test , so as to avoid the abuse of antibiotics causing drug resistance or recurrence of symptoms when stop taking drugs. You can also choose the  natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is concluded from 30 years of clinical experience.

Its formula includes plantain seed, dianthus superbus, aconitum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica and other natural herbs, so there will be no drug resistance. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses which cause male urogenital diseases, and has a good therapeutic effect.
2. People with urodynia should pay attention to their personal hygiene and change their underwear every day. If the underwear get wet because of special reasons, they should replace them immediately. Underwear should be washed by hand separately from other clothing and air-dried in a cool place. You should buy new underwear in about three months, because the bacteria can't be eliminated, so it should be replaced frequently.
3. When urinary urgency and frequency or urodynia occurs, we should rest more, avoid overwork and keep eight hours' sleep every day. Make sure the temperature and humidity in the room are appropriate when sleeping.

4. Drink plenty of boiled water to increase urine volume and keep urine volume above 2,000 milliliters per day. This behavior can not only wash and clean the urethra, but also eliminate metabolites of drugs in vitro and reduce drug toxicity.
5. If you have symptoms of urodynia, you should keep light diet with more water,  eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, because they contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene and other ingredients, which can effectively inhibit inflammation, help the urinary system to repair damaged cells. Usually we should eat more food that clears away heat and detoxifies toxins. Avoiding spicy and stimulating foods, otherwise the condition will aggravate.
There are many reasons leading to urinary pain, if you have discomforts, you must see a doctor in time. Don't be afraid of treatment because of the privacy of the infected areas, which is better for your health. Finding out the causes and prescribe the right medicine to avoid more severe symptoms. In normal life, we should pay attention to our personal hygiene, change our underwear frequently, and keep a light diet, developing a healthy lifestyle is the best prevention to diseases.