Is Occasional Rapid Ejaculation the Same as Premature Ejaculation?

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In the process of sexual life, many men may encounter occasional rapid ejaculation, which occurs during the duration of sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation and rapid ejaculation are the same as ejaculation disorders in attribute dysfunction, that is, the stimulation threshold required for ejaculation is too low. 
Stimulation threshold refers to the minimum stimulus intensity that can cause tissue excitation and reflect the level of tissue excitability while keeping a specific stimulus time unchanged. Premature ejaculation and rapid ejaculation are often equated clinically. But strictly speaking, they are different. A few rapid ejaculations are not considered pathological.

1. An accurate understanding of the time of ejaculation
Premature ejaculation refers to early ejaculation. In fact, there is no standard to define the time of the ejaculation. The time of ejaculation during sexual intercourse varies significantly among individuals. Even for the same person, the time of ejaculation varies from time to time. It is inappropriate for some people to measure premature ejaculation by ejaculation time. 
It is necessary to consider individual differences such as age, constitution, health condition, sexual life experience, frequency of intercourse, and the speed of female sexual desire and orgasm. Therefore, it is difficult to establish a specific ejaculation time standard.
2. Find out what premature ejaculation is
Strictly speaking, if the penis erected during sexual intercourse ejaculated before entering the vagina or just after insertion, it is called rapid ejaculation. However, if this situation occurs frequently, it can be diagnosed as premature ejaculation.
According to the survey, the ejaculation time of normal men is generally more than 1 minute to 3 minutes, some people can be more than 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and some can reach 50 to 60 minutes. As for those who ejaculate within 1 minute, it also depends on whether the men and women can be satisfied at this time. 
If both sides cooperate tacitly, try to have sexual intercourse under the condition that the woman has been thoroughly excited. And if both parties feel satisfied after ejaculation, it should also not be regarded as premature ejaculation.

The reasons for rapid ejaculation are as follows:
1. Diseases of genital organs
For instance, short frenulum of prepuce can hinder full erection. And if there is inflammation of Verumontanum and the genital organs are in chronic congestion and edema for a long time, a little sexual stimulation and sexual excitement can cause rapid ejaculation.
2. Excessive sexual excitement
When men who haven't had sex for a long time begin to have sex, they will be in a state of excessive sexual excitement. For example, on the wedding night, the cerebral sexual activity or the sexual organs are always sexual excited. Therefore, the ejaculation center will inevitably be in a state of sexual excitement. So it lowers the threshold value of sexual stimulation, and rapid ejaculation occurs.
3. Differences in physical fitness
The reflexes of penile cavernous muscles in men with rapid ejaculation are faster than those without this symptom. It may be the high testosterone content in the blood, increasing the excitability of the ejaculation center and decreasing the threshold value. Therefore, the ejaculation center is easy to excite, resulting in rapid ejaculation.

If you have symptoms of premature ejaculation, it is advised to go to the hospital in time to see if it is caused by chronic reproductive and urinary diseases such as prostatitis and receive standardized treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, natural and efficient medicine without any side effects, it can be used to promote diuresis and relieving stranguria, activating blood circulation, and promoting qi. 
What' more, it can also take into account the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. If chronic diseases are cured, premature ejaculation and other symptoms will be eliminated, too. At the same time, attention should be paid to keeping an optimistic attitude, so as to alleviate the trouble caused by the diseases and strive for an early recovery.
In addition to having a healthy body and vigorous energy, exercise can also increase the oxygen content of the whole body, increase the secretion of testosterone, which is the best supplement to the male reproductive system. This strong intrinsic effect is far better than any health medicine. Keeping vigorous exercises at least twice a week, such as playing basketball, running, strength fitness, etc., and the quality of sex will be significantly enhanced.