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How to Effectively Detect Impotence And Premature ejaculation?

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Impotence - defined as erectile dysfunction - and premature ejaculation - are the most common problems among men with sexual dysfunction.
Both types of sexual dysfunction can affect the normal conduct of sexual activity.  The diagnosis is relatively simple, and patients can generally be diagnosed through a period of observation. Corresponding symptoms can be diagnosed in most cases.

However, if the patient wants to be further treated, further examinations should be carried out according to the etiology.
1. History taking
Doctors mainly ask the male sexual life situation, whether the feelings of husband and wife are harmonious, if there are systemic diseases, and whether there is a long-term use of certain drugs, alcohol, etc. Medical history taking is an essential one, in which, the doctor can preliminarily investigate the cause of the disease according to the medical history, so the patient should give answers truthfully.
2. Physical examination
A comprehensive and systematic physical examination can provide information on systemic diseases that affect sexual function. Physical examination is mainly to check the penis, testes, epididymis and other reproductive organs, to see if there are abnormalities. According to the physical examination, if necessary, anal examination should be carried out. Experts point out that in the regular male examination, all are one-to-one diagnosis and treatment environment, so patients can take it easy.
3. Specific laboratory diagnostic tests
There are many laboratory tests, which are the most critical ones in diagnosing the cause of disease. Common examinations include B-mode ultrasound, prostatic fluid test, sex hormone test, sexual nerve function test, vasoactive drug test for cavernous injection, blood and urine routine, liver and kidney function, blood electrolyte, electrocardiogram and so on.  
According to the patient's symptoms, the doctor will recommend appropriate tests, usually including the following ones.

1. General inspection: It usually includes cardiovascular, neurological, and genitourinary system examinations.
2. Laboratory examination: It usually includes blood and urine routine, blood sugar, blood fat, liver, kidney function and endocrine hormone, prostate fluid and so on.
3. Sexual function examination: The sexual function detection workstation and detector can display the number, onset time and degree of expansion of erections during the night, and the maintenance time and interval time between them. They are effective and professional inspection equipment for male sexual dysfunction examination.
4. Doppler penile blood flow measurement: It clearly shows the various structures of the penis, accurately detects the blood flow velocity of the arteries and veins, and accurately records the time, maintenance time and changes in the same period of the male nighttime erection, so that patients can complete a comprehensive test of erectile ability in sleep.
After being tested, some patients may be told that their premature ejaculation and impotence are due to genitourinary problems, with prostatitis the most common cause. In this case, you need to fix the disease as soon as possible so that you can restore your sexual function.
In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get your problems well solved. This is a representative medicine that works on the whole urogenital system of patients. It helps you get rid of prostatitis and leads to no side effects during the treatment. So it is totally reliable.

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