How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Treat Frequent Urination Caused by Chronic Prostatitis?

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The symptoms of frequent and urgent urination make many prostatitis patients feel very painful, so what medicine can effectively alleviate and cure these symptoms? Before we talk about how herbal medicine treats prostatitis, we should know why these symptoms occur. In fact, this is mainly caused by two reasons.

On the one hand, the prostate will be congested and edematous under the stimulation of inflammation, which will compress the urethra, so it will make the patients have the symptoms of dysuria and frequent urination.
On the other hand, the bacteria or other inflammatory substances in the prostatic fluid will attach to the urethra mucosa, causing inflammation changes, so the patients will have the symptoms of a frequent, urgent, and painful urination.
Therefore, if we want to cure the symptoms of prostatitis such as frequent urination and tingling of urine thoroughly, we should treat prostatitis and urinary tract infection at the same time.
Traditional Chinese medicine stresses the whole deduction and systematic treatment. Dr. Lee Xiaoping believes that the male urogenital system is interlinked, most of which are manifested as frequent and urgent urination, urinary tract stimulation, perineum, and lower abdominal pain and other symptoms. Therefore, as long as the corresponding drugs are taken during the treatment, it will have a good therapeutic effect.

According to the symptoms of prostatitis, Dr. Lee thinks that the treatment should be based on diuresis, removing stranguria, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and promoting Qi to relieve pain. In addition, because it is found that there are pathogenic bacteria, so it is necessary to give consideration to sterilization and anti-inflammatory.

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