Can Herbal Medicine Reduce Urinary Retention Due to Chronic Prostatitis?

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Nearly 40% of men will suffer from chronic prostatitis at some time in their lives, which is mainly manifested as urgent urination, frequent urination, pain in urination, rectum and perineum, chills and fever, etc.

As the prostate is the gate to control men's urination, once inflammation occurring in the prostate, the nerves and blood vessels in the gland may be damaged, the gate to control urination will fail.
The inflammation will compress the prostate gland and lead to the slow overflow of the prostatic fluid. When the prostatic fluid flows through the urethra, it will cause a sense of urination, but in fact, there is not too much urine in the bladder. And there will be a small amount of urine which blocks the urethra, resulting in incomplete bladder emptying, weak urine flow, urine hesitancy.
The condition of patients with prostatitis is the premise and basis of the treatment of prostatitis, and the condition has a great relationship with the age and occupation of patients. At the same time, the type, cause, course, symptoms and severity are also related to the treatment since these aspects vary among different patients.
In view of the urine retention caused by prostatitis, the commonly used methods in medicine are antibiotic anti-inflammatory method, interventional therapy and instrument therapy. Nonstandard treatment and abuse of antibiotics are the main causes of prostatitis.

During the treatment period, patients should make a regular follow-up visit and take medicine according to the doctor's instructions. Do not stop or change the medicine(especially the antibiotics) at will.

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