Why Is Herbal Medicine with Heat-clearing and Detoxicating Effects Applied in Treating Chronic Prostatitis?

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Chronic prostatitis is a kind of prostatic disease which is caused by many complex reasons and whose main clinical manifestations are urethral irritation and chronic pelvic pain.
Most prostatitis is caused by infection of bacteria, mycoplasma or chlamydia, fungi, or parasites. Frequent sexual life, masturbation, sedentary habit, cycling, riding, drinking, spicy and irritating food will also be the inducing factors. Typical symptoms include frequent urination, the urgency of urination, and rectal irritation.

So why Chinese medicine doctors use herbal medicine with functions of clearing away heat and detoxification for prostatitis? Because it can enhance the circulation speed of local blood in the human body, promote the secretion of prostate fluid, dilute bacterial toxins, and help the absorption of drugs efficacy.
Although antibiotics also has many heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs, and the efficacy is very fast and obvious, but most patients still choose mild herbal medicine for treatment, the reason is that the side effect of antibiotics is great, if the course is too long, the virus in the body will produce antibodies, and the efficacy of the drug will be greatly reduced.
Even if the treatment cycle of herbal medicine is long, the effect is stable and will not produce drug resistance or drug resistance. Therefore, it is much more popular among patients.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and his many years of experience in medicine, Dr. Lee Xiaoping, a patent herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, was made on the basis of the ancient formula through reasonable and strict compatibility. From its name, it is clear that it has the effect of promoting diuresis, clearing away heat and detoxification.
The prescription of this pill contains more than 50 herbal ingredients such as red peony, Dianthus Superbus, Polygonum aviculare, peach kernel, safflower, angelica, Houttuynia, plantain, cowherb seed, etc. It can not only effectively relieve the patients' discomfort in urination and other symptoms; but also kill various bacteria, viruses, pathogens and eliminate inflammation.
In addition, because the patients with prostatitis will also have symptoms of discomfort in the upper pubic area and perineum, and Painpain in the lower abdomen, which is considered by traditional Chinese medicine to be caused by the poor circulation of Qi and blood. Therefore, Dr. Lee added peach kernel, safflower and other ingredients with the effect of activating blood, promoting qi and relieving pain to relieve the patients' falling and swelling Painpain and discomfort.

During treatment, it is advised that patients carry out the comprehensive treatment and strictly follow the doctor's orders to use drugs reasonably, adhere to the medication, in order to prevent the recurrence of prostatitis, and keep a positive attitude is also conducive to recovery, hope you recover as soon as possible!

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