Alternative Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

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In recent years, through the study of its etiology, most scholars at home and abroad think that it is the long-term irregular lifestyle increases the sympathetic nerve excitability, causes the smooth muscle spasm at the bottom of the pelvis, prostate and bladder neck;
Besides, it also increases the internal pressure of the posterior urethra, urine flows back into the prostate gland through the seminal caruncle while urinating, and the chemical composition in urine stimulates the prostate to form chemical prostatitis. Inflammatory mediators stimulate nerves and produce severe pain. Therefore, to eliminate the congestion, edema, and smooth muscle spasm of the prostate and bladder neck is the fundamental treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Mental therapy
For some patients with recurrent conditions accompanied by anxiety symptoms, mental therapy is a good choice. The treatment of antidepressants and anxiolytics can not only improve the mental and psychological symptoms of patients but also relieve the physical symptoms such as dysuria and pain.

Sitz bath
It can increase the blood circulation of prostate tissue, accelerate metabolism, help to eliminate inflammation and tissue edema, relieve pelvic floor muscle spasm, and to a certain extent, it is conducive to the recovery of the disease.

Prostate massage therapy is a method to relieve the accumulation of prostate secretion, improve local blood circulation and promote the absorption and reduction of inflammation by regularly massaging the prostate to drain the prostate fluid and discharge inflammatory substances. However, not all of the patients are suitable for prostate massage.

During the period of acute inflammation, the prostatic tissue is obviously congested and edematous. Massage will damage the tissue, and the inflammation will spread. At the same time, the bacteria can enter the blood, leading to septicemia and aggravating the symptoms.

Footbath is the key to health preservation, it can remove the wasted in the blood circulation and pathological sediment, play a role in cleaning the human body and resist various diseases. Footbath also has a very good auxiliary effect on the treatment of many diseases.

Botanical preparation
Botanical preparation mainly refers to pollen preparations and plant extracts, which have a wide range of pharmacological effects, such as non-specific anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, promoting bladder detrusor contraction and urethral smooth muscle relaxation.
Therefore, it can significantly reduce the pain of patients, improve the urgency, frequency and pain of urination, and improve the quality of life of patients. A large number of studies have shown that the therapeutic effect of botanical preparations in CPPS has been paid more and more attention.

Through acupuncture at Sanyinjiao point, Taixi point, Gongsun point, yinlingquan point, the symptoms of prostate pain, frequency of urination and dysuria can be effectively relieved. Patients can carry out acupuncture in professional hospitals. Generally, about half a month, of course, can make prostate pain get effectively relieved.
The above treatment can effectively alleviate some symptoms or reduce side effects of treatment, but it can not completely replace conventional treatment. Otherwise, it may delay the course, so it can be used as effective adjuvant therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the blockage of Qi and blood circulation in the prostate leads to the failure of the effective discharge of prostate metabolites, which leads to the blockage of prostate gland tubes, leading to pathological changes.
Therefore, it is necessary to use medicine with the effects of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis to unblock the blockage in the treatment. The peach kernel and red peony in the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation and blood stasis, relieve pain and swelling, dredge the blocked prostate gland tube, and eliminate the pain of the patients.

The application of herbs, such as Cowherb seed, plantain, Dianthus Superbus, and Houttuynia cordata can effectively eradicate the cause of disease, eliminate the prostate and pelvic pain of patients, has a good therapeutic effect on CPPS.

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