Four Tips About Drinking Water When It Comes To Prostatitis

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Prostatitis is a common reproductive system disease in men, which usually leads to abnormal urination. Many people think that this is an inflammation that can be relieved by drinking more water. In fact, it's a good habit, but the patient should also pay attention to the way of drinking water. If the way of water drinking is inappropriate, it may sometimes exacerbate inflammation in the prostate gland. Why is that?
In general, drinking more water can promote fluid metabolism, so that inflammatory secretions can be washed away by water. It can also help to alleviate the symptoms of infection. But for patients with prostatitis, if they drink water before bed, it is easy to affect the normal urination. Since the urine produced during sleep can make the bladder filled for several hours, which can cause huge pressure on the bladder. Not everyone wakes up immediately during a deep sleep due to the urine, so holding back urine can not be avoided, which is a common cause of getting prostatitis.

How should patients with prostatitis drink water?
1. Drink water in the morning
Because nocturnal sleep time is rather long, the body may be in the state that lacks water when getting up in the morning. So male friends should replenish water when getting up, and 200 milliliter of water is suggested, which can promote metabolism function better. But it's better to drink warm water, because the temperature is lower in the morning. If you drink cold water, it can easily affect the function of the digestive system.
2. Drink water after exercise
Doing more exercise is a good habit for patients with prostatitis. Water metabolism after exercise will be enhanced, so the body needs to complement moisture in a timely manner. And after exercise, the metabolism will get a boost, so drinking water can help ease the effects of inflammation.
3. Drink water after meals
Drinking water after a meal is mainly to promote the function of digestion, since the human circulatory system will be significantly promoted after a meal. At this time, replenishing water can improve digestion and help get rid of excess impurities in the body. So drinking water after meals is also good for patients with prostatitis.

4. Drink water more times
Drinking more water doesn't mean that you have to drink lots of water at once. Actually, it is more about drinking water more times. Experts point out that drinking water is necessary at any given time, such as morning, noon, evening, before and after meals. After each water drinking, most of the water will directly enter the metabolic system to participate in excretion, which does not effectively improve the inflammatory organs, but may make the body lack water. So it's better for your body to drink more water on a regular basis. And for the sake of your body, it is better to drink less water before going to bed, otherwise it will affect the function of the bladder and not be conducive to the recovery of the prostate health.
Drinking water is necessary while medication is more important and useful for patients with prostatitis. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is an effective method. It adheres to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and can eliminate inflammation as well as improve the male prostate health. Sticking to the medicine can help patients break away from prostatitis.

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